ranges from scrying spells

If you are viewing an area through a scrying spell and you want to throw a mentem spell on someone you can only see through the scrying spell, what is the range? Sight or arcane?

Technically, you don't have an arcane connection to the person, but on the other hand, you can see them. My gut says that it's arcane range, but I'm sure this is well settled, so I wanted to ask the community.

So to make certain that I understand you I've restqted the question:

You have an AC to a Location and you are gazing at the location with an intellego Imagonem Spell. You see someone there and decide to cast a spell very much like posing the silen tquestion at them. What range does the intellego mentam spell have to have?

Is this correct?

I'd think couldn't cast a range AC spell directly on the target unless you've got an arcane conneciton to it, which you don't have.

My suggestion would be to have a spell that is akin to opening the intangible tunnel. A spell that opens a tunnel to your AC and lets you cast spells of range sight from it.

On getting home and looking at the rulebook, I think sight is actually the appropriate range.

The rulebook states that an arcane connection is required to "affect an unsensed target." When discussing the limit of arcane connections, it also discusses how a magi could use intellego magic to determine if there were people on the other side of the wall, and could not affect them with perdo corpus until the magus became aware of them via the intellego magic.

The rules for how "sight" range works are also fairly specific - "Anything that the magus can see." In fact, magic items can use this range when they use InIm to be able to see, so there is a clear precedent for using "sight" range when the sight is magically generated.