Re: Fleur de Bonsiagus

This is lvl 15, but can only target a single person, not a unit.
Since you have the spell listed as CrMe 25 on your charsheet, I assumed you forgot to include T: Group +2, and modified the wiki accordingly.

How did I miss it? :unamused:
You can't create something at Personnal range. The range must be at least Touch, making this a lvl 10 spell.
I say you correct the level (I've done it on the wiki) and we let it fly.

Same here, clipped from Fleur's character sheet. There is a different "Development: Fleur" thread that you are supposed to use for all comments. No one is supposed to scrawl on Fleur's official sheet except Silveroak. So whenever I see it, I clip it. No harm no foul.
I left announcments up top (House Rules etc) unlocked so people cn comment, and I will just clip the comments and start a new discussion thread off of that clipped comment.

So the idea is to cast it first (say at the beginning of a patrol or the beginning of a battle) and then let the spell be "silently controlled" for the duration? So long as the grogs stayed within Voice distance, they'd be able to hear your telepathic commands. Is that right?

So really, with a Sun duration, it doesn't matter if the spell could only effect one grog at a time. The spell appears to be designed to be cast ahead of trouble, so it could be cast individually for each grog.

I wonder, since it's a Sun-Duration spell, would it transmit her surface thoughts throughout the whole day (or night). That would be some pretty salacious stuff, I imagine. :wink:

Actually my understanding is that the range is for the casting, and the effect should endure past that, so the group within voice would be able to receive mental orders for duration sun.

Sorry if my posting was unclear. I was saying what you said, just in a more verbose way.

I was saying that since it has a Sun duration, you could cast it just after Dawn on a group of grogs (individually or as a group, depending on the final details of the spell) and you could project thoughts to them through the rest of the duration. I think it should work that way.

Actually, given Floor's outlook, I can see her doing some sexual harassment on some poor guy :frowning:

Hum... Yes, of course, that's sun duration, it ceases at sunrise/sunset. I don't see your point.

I assume Togdor is referring that the "on/off at will" feature of the spell is not necessarily how it should work. You either make it transfer thoughts during the whole day or ikplement a feature that allow you to act so such a high level of discretionary control when using it. It would need a +1 Rego requisite to do so, maybe?

Ah, good point.

I see 3 ways of handling that, based on existing spells and the rule about concentration:

  • Default position is "off", but she can concentrate to send thoughts whenever she wants
  • Default position is "on", she doesn't need to concentrate
  • Add a magnitude to switch default by concentrating briefly.

How about anything she whispers/mutters is communicated into their minds. I'm fine adding a magnitude if nobody minds me going a wee bit over on my starting spell levels.

Works for me. The whispers. Updating the description