Re He Craft Magic Idea & question

I'm a bit confused with the Re He guidelines in Cov 51 for the Re He Craft especial the +1 and +2 magnitudes for extra complexity.

First spell I want to create is one that make Paper out of Hemp what I think should be Base 5 + 1 Touch for a single sheet of paper up to the size of a human and multiple sheet of paper if I add +2 group. I think for this even a Finesse roll of 6 might be already high.

The other is a tailor spell that use already dyed cloth out of plant fiber that will be just cut and sew together to a finished clothing I think that should be base 4 +1 Touch with a finesse roll of 6 or higher depending how complicate to make the finished product is.
(The spell in MoH don't help with this as it is apparently set at a to low base for a normal magus)

Beside is Craft magic Int+Finesse or Per+Finesse? I wonder because Exactly to Scale from HoH:TL 139 sound like craft magic but use Int+ Finesse while in Cov. where it is mentioned its Per+Finesse and other spells just say a Finesse roll is needed
... or is it the free Me prerequisite of Exactly of Scale that make it Int+Finesse instead of Per+Finesse?

Aside from the spell Exactly to Scale I can't think of any example in which a Rego craft spell uses Int+Finesse, while I can find multiple examples of Rego craft spells that use Per+FInesse. (Though I'll agree, there are a frustrating number of Rego craft spells that simply say "a Finesse roll.") The logical conclusion from this is that Rego craft spells really ought to use Per+FInesse. It is frustrating because HoH:S specifically states that Creo crafting uses Int+Finesse if you want to make it look better than just functional. But it provides no such guidance for Rego crafting. Still, it seems to me that the conventional wisdom is that Rego crafting is Per+Finesse.

Yes, I realize that we'd generally prefer to have the roll be Int-based since by and large magi tend to have better Int scores. But we don't always get to choose.

That is why I think it is the free Mentem requisite that is change Exactly to Scale from Per+Finesse to Int+Finesse and adding a free Mentem requisite to a normal craft magic spell should change it as well to Int+Finesse.

I ca see how you might make that interpretation. But I find it troubling. It basically would say that Rego craft spells are Per+Finesse except when you don't want them to be. If all you need is to put a free requisite on to avoid using Per+Finesse, what kind of a requirement is it really?

Furthermore, even if it were allowable, I'm not sure it would be a free requisite. The ArM 5 Core Rules gives the following guidelines for requisites:

Having a Mentem requisite is clearly not necessary for the spell's effect, since it would work with a Per+Finesse check. But would allowing an Int+Finesse check "enhance" the effect or be "purely cosmetic?"

I tend to think the former, since it would have a real effect on the final product.

But I'd be curious to hear what other people have to say on the matter.