Ready Resupply and failed Reload Checks

I'm not sure if I'm overthinking this too much, or if this even really presents a balance issue, but how is the Full Metal Nutball's "Ready Resupply" signature schtick meant to interact with failed Reload Checks in play?

From the description of the ability and how it works, the trigger for a failed Reload Check is clearly meant to invoke the Nutball tossing the other character a freshly loaded weapon or perhaps a new magazine, and the schtick itself calls out that the ally on the receiving end immediately gets to make a free attack. Is this then meant to imply that the benefiting ally no longer needs to worry about reloading for the rest of the sequence? The rules don't really specify either way.

I doubt it's game-breaking to run it that way, and I know FS2 isn't a system where players are supposed to fret about rules interacting in weird ways, but I was curious if there was either a clarification, or even just an accepted way people tend to run it.

For me it hasn't come up in a game, but I would rule that the ally gets a new weapon and doesn't have to worry about Reload checks for a full keyframe.