Real Fact´s Known about House Diedne.

This Threat is not for any in Play Hypotheses about House Diedne.
I´am trying to gather the "published " Fact´s about them here.
(Published in so far that it has been published in ArM.)
Everybody is welcome to help me gather what "we" really have.

A few point´s to consider:

  1. The Diedne were of a druidic Lineage whose center seems to have been in the Bretagne, they must have been underground for quite some time, considering the bad Press all things druidic had from Roman Times.

  2. It´s not Genocide if you try to kill, how many Mages might House Diedne have had at the Time of the Schism ?( Remember the entire Order is about 300 to 500 Mages in 1220 (I read the numbers somewhere but coudn´t find them now)). So I think it is fair to asume they were after 60 to 80 Magican´s plus Covenfolk.

  3. Most of the Warfare seems to have been waged
    in the Rhine,Britain,Stonehedge (?) and Normandy Tribunal, it is unlikely that there was much fighting elsewhere.(Official Dates 1004 to 1018 acc to GoF).

Just to bend the nature of the thread before it's even really begun, here's a list of "events" I started pulling together, based on published books of different editions, for reasons that will unfortunately forever now be nameless.

I should point out that as far as we know, Boudicca was never actually a druidic priestess. Except in my world... That should be a clue that not all events listed are official. Some have been added (it's like a game; you have to work out which ones are official and which aren't).

Divitiacus, magistrate of the Aedui visits Rome to request military aid against his enemies.

The Romans destroy a Druidic enclave on the island of Anglesey, also known as Ynys Mon

Boudicca, Druidic priestess of the Iceni, leads her army against the Romans. 80000 Britons die in the conflict and Boudicca slays herself with poison.

Saint Columba defeats the Druids at the Battle of Culdremne.

The First Tribunal of the Order of Hermes

Damhan Allaid slays his Druidic tutor and steals away with his secrets.

Pralix comes to Stonehenge and Loch Leglean

The Diedne in the Rhine united in a show of political force, choosing to become a power in the Tribunal. They were known as the Rowan Gild.

The covenant of Ungulus was founded in the Stonehenge Tribunal by prescient Flambeau somehow expecting animosity with House Diedne to spill over.

The covenant of Lumen was founded in the Stonehenge Tribunal.

The covenant of was Lumen destroyed in a surprise attack by Diedne magi

The Flambeau and Tremere magi of the Rhine Tribunal led a purge of the Rhine Diedne. All members of the Rowan Gild were exiled and Wizard War declared against them. Though their covenants fell many of the Diedne managed to flee the Tribunal with their lives. Magi from other Houses who had joined the Diedne in the Rowan Gild were not spared.

In order to carve out a protective barrier, House Diedne orchestrated a cull of Gruaguchan hedge wizards around key druidic sites in the Loch Leglean Tribunal.

The Schism War reached Loch Leglean with the loss of the Diedne covenants Holy Oak, The Well of the Head, and Druids’ Dale.

These three covenants were attacked by a core force of Tremere and Flambeau aided by several other Scottish covenants and a number of native hedge wizards, the Gruaguchan.

House Tremere declares what everyone else only whispered about, open war on House Diedne. Houses Flambeau and Jerbiton follow.

A Grand Tribunal is called and held at Magvillus in the Roman Tribunal. House Diedne is renounced and all magi declared “Orbis”.

The Nameless Covenant, Domus Magnus of House Diedne, is destroyed in the last official action of the law.

If you are including 4th edition, then there was a Diedne covenant in Savoy (Greater Alps), and another in the eatern Alps (which is a vis site now claimed as part of the Common.)

I suppose it is necessary to add the Books we have on Stonehedge and Great Britain, but please leave the Books of the third Edition.

Mark Lawford wrote: The Diedne in the Rhine united in a show of political force, choosing to become a power in the Tribunal. They were known as the Rowan Gild.

The entire Guild was also marched sparking the War. :smiling_imp:

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