real history and the influence of the order

I was thinking about that:

In mythic europe mages should have had impact to the history for ages.
If the real history is the same as in mythic europe - which events was influenced, changed, stopped by the order (with the result, that the real history happenend)?

Anyone thought about that?

My big one goes to the founders- the impact that could have been made if Diedne had simply advised Charlemagne to stay married to the daughter of the longbeard king instead of divorcing and marrying a young woman of a strong catholic family. Let Charlemagne know the Pope was supporting his brother who would die of natural causes within a year and Charlemagne would not have prevented the longbeards from invading and overthrowing the Church of Rome.

In Transforming Mythic Europe, yes, the Order has affected history, it just happened to turn out the same

My big changes?
If the change is really early, Rome doesn't fall
Less early, Constantinople doesn't loose modern Turkey.
If the change is less early Hungary should be huge. Like, "Controlling Constantinople" huge.

Any of these wreck feudalism entirely