Real-world equivalent of Calebais

you remember how Calebais is organized around a shaft, with stairs and galleries round it, to a flat bottom where a shape i barely discernible?

I stumbled on a web-photo of a real-world equivalent! ... a-portugal

amazing the resemblance!

Really nice, thanks!

and for a bit more explanation: ... leira.html

"There is also a vast ensemble of turrets providing us with breathtaking views, strange recesses - half myth half saudade (missing), palace type residences of superb taste. Reference must be made to the adventures of the Knights of the Temple or the ideals of the master Masons, to descend into the initiation well via an immense spiral shaped staircase.
And down below, standing on a light pointed star it is as if we were immersed in the womb of Mother Earth.
All we must do is traverse the darkness of the labyrinth grottos until we reach the light, reflected in the water of lakes of surprising beauty."

Have a look here:

Apparently the Quinta de Regaleira comes up here regularly.


Very cool link, thanks for sharing! I'm always on the lookout for cool pictures to print out and use for my gaming sessions.

Four weeks ago I was there in my holidays, too. It was a fantastic experience.