(real world) Traveling to London - Mythic Sites?

I suddenly find myself traveling to London for a few days next week for work, and haven't had a moment to research the city. I've never run a saga in the Stonehenge Tribunal, so I really know almost nothing of Mythic London.

I wonder if you Brits have any suggestions on any game-relevant sites that I should see while I'm in town? I hear there's a Roman Wall? I probably will not get out of the city, though the jury is still out on that. (I might do a day trip to Stonehenge.) I'm staying in the Whitechapel area.

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The fourth chapter of Alan Moore's FROM HELL is a tour of the occult sites of London, by Jack the Ripper and his coachman. Moore's notes for the chapter, included in the complete edition of the comic, cite all his sources and provide more info on each locale. This link is the personal story of one man who reconstructed the tour for himself:

ayankeeinlondon.blogspot.com/200 ... d.html?m=1

The White Tower at the Tower of London is period.

Temple Church is also period, and was built by the Knights Templar. http://www.templechurch.com

Westminster Abbey is a little later than 1220, but only a little, in the main.

The Tower and the Abbey are standard tourist destinations; Temple Church is a bit more regio-like, but still right in the centre of London.

Cambridge would be an easy trip, but, unfortunately, I don't think ordinary tourists can see Schola Pythagoranis at the moment. (Real place, 12th century building. Once recruited for an Ars Magica saga there.)

This might interest you: vam.ac.uk/whatson/event/6970 ... 114614189/ . It takes only an hour, gets to the point and does not require prepared visitors.


It is a goof time to visit Cambridge at the moment as we are in interview season, so there are lots of people wandering about the colleges anyway. All the undergraduates left yesterday.

Bob Dillon

When Matt Ryan and I were in London for the first Grand Tribunal, we went to see the White Tower at the Tower of London, the British Library (several medieval books in their collection), and the British Museum (many more classical than medieval exhibits, but still a few). CJ very kindly took us to the Gloucester cathedral and a few other medieval sites near Cheltenham, King John's hunting lodge in the Forest of Dean, and Llanthony Priory (IIRC) in Wales. We also went and saw Stonehenge and Bath. Neil Taylor took us to see Schola Pythagoranis in Cambridge, which was very cool (I took an Arcane Connection from the crumbling building), but there wasn't much else from that period that I can remember.

Museum of London at the east end of London Wall is close to the wall IN THE CITY OF LONDON and a free museum. maybe could even meet at lunchtime - I work nearby for a noted institution.
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