Really low-level General spells

A question about really low-level General spells.

Consider Demon's Eternal Oblivion (ArM p.160). The guideline is "Reduce target's Might by Level + 10." Let's say I only want to target weak demons.

I pick base level 0, +2 Magnitudes to make it Voice range. As the base is below level 5, those two steps add just one level each. That gives me a spell with Level 2 that reduces Might by 10. That's easy for most magi to spontaneously cast, and get a high enough score to penetrate said Might of 10.

Is that correct?

First, I don't think most troupes allow 0 nor negative bases. So let's go with base 1.

Second, you'll want to look at the errata. The guideline is

Reduce a target's Might Score by the level of the spell + 2 magnitudes

So base 1, Voice, would be level 3 and reduce Might by 3 (noting that levels listed in guidelines refer to the guideline level, the level of the spell without increases for anything else). Base 2 would be level 4 and reduce by 4. Base 3 would be level 5 and reduce by 5. Base 4 would be level 10 and reduce by 10.


On the other hand that can give you a lot of penetration and with multicasting can at minimum drive demons away rather quickly.

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Thanks! I'd missed that part of the errata. Describing it in terms of Magnitudes rather than Levels makes for better outcomes.

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