Realm Affiliation?

I was browsing through Wikipedia looking for an idea for a supernatural crow-type bird (a player is looking for a crow type Familiar) when I came across Valravn (

Which supernatural realm would they be most likely to be associated with?

Rather depends (as with so many of these things) what aspect of them you wish to emphasise.

I could mainly see them as Magic or Faerie though.

But if Kings have a Divine Might, this may complicate things.

Wild Raven eats the heart of a Divinely touched/appointed man. Gains Supernatural abilities.
I was actually wondering if the Valravn might be Divine.


Sounds like an infernal spirit to me. Thou shall not kill. You kill (in battle) = you die in a state of mortal sin. = you go to hell.

The valravan seems to be malicious and make deals that imply mortal sins. It says "infernal" to me. probably a minor demon.


To me, if the ideal Magi's Familiar is one of this supernatural crows, but you are not sure about the affiliation, it's because seam probable that the Valravn can be affiliated or can belong to any of them.
One slain crow is one Magic Animal with the Flaw Mentem Monstrosity (or Corpus), and probably Magical Air or Hunger of Mentem or Corpus, and with shapechanging powers and one good sense to sense corpses. Intelligence or Cunning?, it could be both.
The faery make the deals and claim be spirits, ghosts os imilar, and probably take the Feast of the Dead and Faerie Beast, and take the roles about infernal or magical beings. Another faeric Impersonator.
The Infernal Valravn can be orInfernal beast or demons. The Infernal beast feast upon kings bodys, if they have Divine Vis in their bodys, the crows desacratethem, that produyce Vis Prava or Infesta and warp them, becoming Infernal Beasts. The demoshave powers very similars to the magical and can curses, they are Accusers, condemning their victims.