Realms of Power: Divine back in print? (UK)

Recently noticed that after years of being unavailable anywhere, Realms of Power: Divine can be ordered on Amazon UK. It doesn't seem to be back anywhere else, however. Is it sneaking its way back into print?

It might be secondhand.

Or someone found/open an old box in the corner of the storage area?

I expect @Tellus has the right idea.

This is Amazon so you need to drill-down a bit to see who exactly has the books for sale. An older box, found when tidying up a warehouse (or just a back-room in a game-store), seems the likeliest explanation.

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Amazingly IS back in print!

It's set up in the KDP print-on-demand system. We now have copies too, and are just now making them available to distributors and retailers again. If you buy it from Amazon UK, it will be printed and shipped locally.

Why the delay? Well, for a long time the CD-ROM archives were misplaced. I found them, and discovered that both CD-ROMs had corruption. It took a while to sit down and set up a week-long run of ddrescue on a Linux machine to reassemble a sufficent disk image from the readable sections of both disks. (Back in the day we made identical backup CDs/DVDs of projects, precisely to make this possible if/when optical media degraded over time.)

But it's done at last. And I think at this point we now have digital softcover reprint-ready files of all the books in the ArM5 line (even those that are still available in hardcover, so we can switch over when they sell out). This was an important step in preparation for...that thing that is coming along.



all praise "...that thing that is coming along"


Good to hear "that thing" is coming along, whatever it is! At this point it will be very much "shut up and take my money" where new Ars Magica products are concerned (assuming it's not, like, an Invisible Sun level of price tag)

<quietly begins shoehorning "translating the new Iberia book into English" into "that thing that is coming along>


You're not the only one to hope so.

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