Realms of Power: Faerie (Character Creation questions)

  1. Can Faerie characters (created with the rules in Chapter 4) use the Ranges, Targets and Durations in Chapter 6 (Faerie Wizardry)?

  2. What does exactly mean "up to 20 points of Virtues paid with Flaws at a rate of two Virtues per Flaw" (pg. 45)? Does that mean that we have to choose up to 20 points of VIrtues and a maximum of 10 points of Flaws?

Yes they can - any Faerie power can use those Ranges, Targets and Durations. Those parameters exist to match the powers of Faeries in stories more closely than the ones used for Hermetic magic.

Yes. A Faerie character made to replace someone's Magus character is treated in a similar way to a Mythic Companion (as used in RoP:Divine, RoP:Infernal and HoH:True Lineages) who get two Virtues per Flaw.

Thanks a lot!