I am considering rebooting this game with a different style of narrative- one where I would go further back into the setting and build initial covenants myself, and starting parallel games in multiple settings one at a time- if anyone is still participating in this game ad wants to comment on this idea before I go through with it please post a response, otherwise I will begin deleting the other threads and begin again from scratch, probably keeping the house rules thread...

Would you be opening slots for new players then?

Apologies, I just realized that adding another game at this point might overwhelm me.

The game has been open for new players the whole time.

I am still interested in playing

I have already joined wikidot, but cannot edit a page on as you have instructed in entering the game and character creation.

we found this out in the discord as well, go to the Theban tribunal and add the mage to the recall list there. I'm not sure why one page is editable and the other id not.

I can't edit the Theban Tribunal page either and I do not see a "join" button on the membership page. Perhaps you can add me manually? Same username.

The notice that pops up says that only site administrators and selected moderators can edit.

Did you go to your PM's and accept the invite?

Didn't have an invite. I just followed the instructions on the entering the game and character creation thread

you have an invite now

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