Recent Project Redcap maintenance

Hello all and happy New Year!

I did an upgrade on Project: Redcap ( about three weeks ago. There were a couple of glitches with the upgrade but I think everything is sorted out now. If you noticed technical problems with the site recently, please try it again. I'm no longer directly involved in curating content for Project: Redcap but I am still doing the server maintenance. Let me know if you encounter any technical problems.

Thanks and happy gaming!


In the main page,, “language: box” is OOO.

I can't no more access french part of the site from here, on my side.

Thanks for reporting it. I'll look into a fix. It may take a few days.

Internal errors/Fatal exceptions here :éériques'Hermès’s_Rest’s_Cornwall

Apparently problems with special characters…

I'm afraid "a few days" was optimistic. I'm swamped with my RPG business for the next several weeks at least. I will fix this eventually but it will have to be when I have the hours to spend on it. If anyone would like to help, I'd appreciate it.

The Children of Kalesh page seems to not be avilable