Recent Project Redcap maintenance

Hello all and happy New Year!

I did an upgrade on Project: Redcap ( about three weeks ago. There were a couple of glitches with the upgrade but I think everything is sorted out now. If you noticed technical problems with the site recently, please try it again. I'm no longer directly involved in curating content for Project: Redcap but I am still doing the server maintenance. Let me know if you encounter any technical problems.

Thanks and happy gaming!


In the main page,, “language: box” is OOO.

I can't no more access french part of the site from here, on my side.

Thanks for reporting it. I'll look into a fix. It may take a few days.

Internal errors/Fatal exceptions here :éériques'Hermès’s_Rest’s_Cornwall

Apparently problems with special characters…

I'm afraid "a few days" was optimistic. I'm swamped with my RPG business for the next several weeks at least. I will fix this eventually but it will have to be when I have the hours to spend on it. If anyone would like to help, I'd appreciate it.

The Children of Kalesh page seems to not be avilable

All the errors have been fixed. I've had a lot going on in my life so "a few days" turned into six and a half months before I was ready to roll up my sleeves. Once I got started, the fixes weren't hard.

Thanks again for reporting the broken pages!


Thank you so much Andrew! :+1:

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Thanks for the hard work, and for keeping Project Redcap up and well!