Recommend a good convention scenario

I've got an itching desire to finally read the copy of Feng Shui that's been sitting on my game shelf for the last few years, with an aim towards running a scenario for an upcoming ENWorld Gameday.

So, assuming about 4 hours and 4-6 players, can anyone recommend a published (or freely available) adventure that would be a good fit? We're also assuming that the players won't know the system.


I'd recommend either Fast Forward or Murderer's Row, both from the In Your Face Again adventure anthology, which I believe is still available (i.e., not out of print) where fine Feng Shui books are sold.

For characters, I'd photocopy all of the character templates from the core book and pass them around, letting each player choose whatever turns his or her crank. (You might want to leave out the ones that would require a lot of explanation for a new player -- your abmoinations and so forth.) Make them take the quick schtick picks, though -- you don't want to take up much time at the beginning with customization.

(If you use Fast Forward, make sure you don't subject any convention players to being trapped in the television -- that's no fun. Either fudge the roll so it doesn't work, or stick a ringer NPC in there.)

Let us know how it goes!

Spiff! Thanks for the tip, Jeff.