Recording Major Events in Feng Shui for a timeline

I am going though some of the material out there trying to put some dates/timelines on major events for a Feng Shui Campaign.

The two major events I have are Operation Killdeer and the C-Bomb explosion. Though not set in stone (as the game allows GMs to opt to their own timelines), I am using the Publications dates as a guidelines.

1046 BC - 256 BC - Zhou Dynasty- early years, Ten thousand Eyes formed. (Thorns of the Lotus publication)

221–207 BC Qin Dynasty; Qin Shi Huang (first Emperor) smashes Ten Thousand Eyes when uniting empire, scattered cells form. Eaters of the Lotus is formed in the Imperial palace hidden from prying eyes

202 BC – 9 AD, 25–220 AD Han Dynasty, Eaters of the Lotus biggest the control in China and Magic very high use.

69 - 82 Passage to the Juncture remains open until forced closed by C-Bomb explosion.

129AD - 189AD Eaters of the Lotus learn that a group called the reformed destroy the Eaters of the Lotus. The Eaters increase their control of past Feng Shui sites and delay the attack to 189AD. (thought: C-Bomb explosion may make a change of plan to support Empress Wu juncture)

687 AD - Eaters of the Lotus appear in Empress Wu Court as a new permanent Juncture for the Ancient Times (2nd Ed Publication)

1800 - Guiding Hand founded by Buddhist, Taoist, and Neo-Confucian monks.

1810–1830 Fung Shin, first Grandmaster, runs the Guiding Hand.

1825 Quan Lo delivers his famous “silent speech” and begins organizing his own faction.

1830 Fung Shin dies. Quan Lo quickly gets himself elected to be the new Grandmaster.

1830–1835 Quan Lo effectively purges the Guiding Hand leadership of non Neo-Confucians

1835–1840 Guiding Hand assaults on Jade Wheel Society feng shui sites lead by Lui Man Wai. This campaign is a dismal failure.

1839 Quan Lo’s Shaolin school destroyed by Manchu army. Opium War begins.

1842 Yung Chang discovers that the Ascended are really transformed animals.

1843 Hand agents discover the Netherworld and travel to the future.

1843–1850 Ancestors program gives the Hand a large cadre of followers in the contemporary juncture.

1844 Temple of Boundless Meditation and Temple of the Shaolin Dragon constructed.

1847 Climax of disagreement between Quan Lo and Ho Shen. Ho exiled to America. C-Bomb triggers a "reset"

1848 Eaters of the Lotus enter the Secret War.(question: does c-bomb alter Eaters of the Lotus coming from 690 AD resent)

Above is a "lift and shift" from Guiding Hand Sourcebook timeline

1847-1865 - Access to Juncture continues. When C-Bomb goes off, it "resets" back in a loop.

1993 Operation Killdeer (date taken from Back for Seconds supplement) a major blow to the Dragons.

Between 1993-1996 - Attack on Molten Heart destroying Ascended opportunity to control the Junctures. Attack lead by the Jammers.

1996 - New generation of Dragons appear (1st edition PCs)

2011 - C-Bomb Explosion affecting all the Junctures and the Netherworld. Ripple effects cause pop up junctures to appear in other times ('73, '86, etc). The Prof and Kar Fai, founders of the Dragons disappear

2014 - Another new generation of Dragons emerge (publication of Feng Shui 2, 2nd PCs).
2014 (alternative; pre C-Bomb eradication) - Cross-Disciplinary Convergence Association (CDCA; Architects of the Flesh) formed and lead by Dr. Anita Dao who develops Arcanowave (1st ed Feng Shui)

2024 - CDCA lead by Dr. Curtis Boatman after Dr Dao vanishes

2025 - The UN forms The Buro including Johann Bonengel. Secretly, Boatman and Bonengel start securing crucial Feng Shui sites. Project: Cornelius lead by Doctor Laura Villaverde. Battlechimp Potemkin awakes and starts to reject Government forming seeds of rebellion.

2037 - CDCA discover Netherworld. Battlechimp Potemkin destroys Project Cornelius and his cells escape into the Netherworld launching attacks across junctures against the Buro

2042 - CDCA creates abominations enforcing Buro control. Donegal becomes Buropresident launching guerrilla attacks on nations that did not comply

2051 - UN dissolved and Buro is the New World Government Order

2056 - Architects/Buro at height of power

2069 - The Architects of the Flesh/Buro wiped out and 97% of the future population die in the C-Bomb explosion impacting all Feng Shui Sites. Vast Majority of future juncture characters die including those friends of the Dragon

2069-onwards (2074)- The future a desolate wasteland sees the rise of the New Simian Army splitting from the Jammers lead by Furious George as it's leader. Battlechimp Potemkin withdraws to the netherworld guilt-ridden

If there are other Major Events in the materials, let me know - I will add them in.


I pretty much have the bulk of everything here. I did pick up that there is a bit of discrepancies between the Jammers Source Book and the Architects timeline as it appears Potemkin was activated in 2025, though I suspect it would have been a bit later.

The Ascended are not included in the timeline as the source material plays on their 'operators' in the shadows and do not give any fixed dates.

I do have some interesting questions about recent real world events (covid lockdown) and the timelines for the future.

It is interesting that the contemporary juncture remains constant. The 1850 juncture gets reset so that could pose some interesting questions. Could teams meet up past teams as they attempt to seek control of Feng Shui sites in 1850?

This timeline is awesome! Thank you for compiling it. I was interested in doing the same since I'm gearing up to run Feng Shui 2 in the near future with one of my regular gaming groups.

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No problem, hope you find it useful. It still isn't 100% complete as I will be adding some historical points like Dynasties for my own game. rRemember, the timeline isn't meant to be adhered to. If something doesn't fit your game, change it to fit your game.

There's a bigger issue. Before looping a juncture the time travel aspect was relatively easy. All the junctures and the Netherworld advanced in lock-step. An hour here is an hour there. So although you can travel into your past or future you don't get to choose where and the junctures are sufficiently separated that you can't meet yourself.

Once you loop a juncture you have a problem. What happens to the Netherworld portals? Specifically are there now two sets of portals, on leading to the Netherworld the first time round and one to the second time round?

I think everything we know about how the metaphysics works suggest that now all portals point to the current (new) Netherworld. In which case anyone in the historical juncture when the C-bomb detonated is now stuck there as the portals have shot back in time. Meanwhile anyone who had been in the juncture at the time of the start of the loop now finds that traversing a portal puts them a considerable time into the future.

Anyone from the historical juncture who was elsewhere has to contend with not being able to return to their own time but instead their history.

We can all have fun picking the bones out of that!

I've been debating whether or not to weigh in on this.

I don't completely agree with your notion of the 1850 Past Juncture being a "Time Loop", and some of the ideas being mentioned here related to that.

The rulebook never calls it a Loop (seriously, the word "loop" only appears 3 times in the rulebook, and never in that context).

Time-travel within the setting doesn't ever seem to form Loops, at least per the default rules and setting you can't run into your past self. Instead, Critical Shifts (and presumably the Chi-Bomb) create new timelines.

The way I read it (and you're obviously welcome to interpret it differently for your own campaign), the 1850 that current portals now open up to is technically a different 1850 than the previous portals opened up to. There aren't two sets of portals to "old 1850" and "new 1850", as all the old portals either closed or shifted to the current version of 1850. This new 1850 may be very similar, but that's due to the "elastic history" as explained on page 257 of the main rules. Even if you previously lived through the 1850s, you have no guarantees that those events are going to happen again. Rather than running into your previous self, you'd either run in to Lateral Reincarnations (that are familiar but distinctly unique from yourself or the people you knew in your previous 1850s adventures), or (perhaps more likely) find that no one in the new 1850 has any memory of ever having met you before.

That's how I parse the text, anyway. Your mileage may vary.