recovering Pisa Autumn 1196

looking through Leo's correspondence you have uncovered letters between leo's courtesan persona, using the name Elizabeth Pharea and a lawyer by the name of Connor Pascarata, wherein Elizabeth describes being given a very generous gift by one of her clients, expressed in terms of interest in a variety of trading companies, and hires the lawyer to maintain her interests. there is a lot of "as discussed" items in the letters, however, to the point where you are not entirely certain of the current condition of the business, not are there any documented plans for whom those interests would be passed down to...
from what you gather the "generous client" was a persona of a previous member of the covenant simply passing the management of the business on, or possibly another cover Leo held but where he was passing the interest to a younger persona to cover his longevity.

The mission to Pisa has been in planning for almost three seasons, since Marcus arrived at Luctatio. The need to restore the trade in Pisa immediately seemed obvious. Over this period, he has been corresponding with Guccio, unless Guccio himself has visited the covenant, and suggested that he could use some friendly help with urban intrigue. They have arranged to meet in Pisa.

Before Marcus departs, he asks the senior magi or their clerks what arrangements they made for their inheritance, if any. Do they know if Leo ever made a will?

He has found two grogs who seem trustworthy, Meo and Piero, and send them off just as Summer turns to Autumn. Himself, he wants to test the new spell he has learnt, and makes a leap of homecoming using Leo's arcane connection. He is very excited about this first real trial.

They have arranged a meeting point in Pisa, and Marcus can of course time his arrival quite precisely. When they arrive, they try to get a room or two where they can stay all four of them for a few weeks.

Marcus "leaps" to Pisa and finds himself in a back alley outside a tavern, with the smell of the sea, and fish, filling his nose.

He memorises the location, and takes a stroll to judge the area before he goes to meet the others. Does the tavern look like a decent place? Or is it maybe the brothel where Jasmine was staying?

It is not the brothel. Decent is qualitative- it doesn't look like you are likely to get mugged there, though your pocket might get picked. A lot of sailors seem to be spending their money there, whether on food, drink, or dice. Also there is currently no divine aura here, nor an infernal one, so it can't be too disreputable of a tavern...

How large is the lacuna? Marcus can spontaneously cast InVi L2 in zero aura without excerting himself (i.e. without die roll), so he does that, sampling the area for magic and for faerie auras. If there is a positive aura, he won't know the strength, and I suppose he will notice when he tries the spell in a negative aura.

He does not enter the inn yet. For now, he is most interested in the layout of the city, to find the agreed meeting place, and if possible the brothel and the offices of the lawyer.

Is he going to wander randomly or hire a guide?
It is not a lacunae, the city has been under interdict since 1194, and areas with weak divine auras now have none.

It depends a little on how much time he has before the meet-up. I have been assuming rather little.

He would be walking randomly for a while. Then, if he has little time for the meeting, he will ask directions as required. If he has plenty of time, he may well hire a guide, at least if he finds one without going out of his way.

OOC. I was thinking to get the party together before embarking on a major exploration.

The others had a six day travel before reaching Pisa, you jumped there- the question is how long you gave yourself. The leaning tower was recently built, but still a distinctive landmark for your meeting.

Only two days? A rough map reading told me something of the order of 200 km, which should take a week, I think. Anyway. He would leap on the day he expect the others to arrive. They do, however, have the agreement that if anyone is delayed, they keep meeting at the landmark every day, probably an hour before nightfall, since the pedestrians are likely to arrive late in the day.

Marcus probably does not have to walk randomly for very long before he sees the towering meeting point and starts heading in that direction.

timeframe altered.
you arrive there in the evening and find your mundane companions waiting by the door to the leaning tower.

«Oh ... sorry I am late. Have you had to wait for long? How was your travel?»

I suppose Guccio is also nearby, although Marcus might only spot one group at a time.

for the record- the group arrived less than an hour ago, while Marcus was wandering the city looking for the leaning tower...

Benvolio will head for the tower, to meet up with Marcus.

[Assuming the tower is the meeting point? It's not done yet, not sure how tall it is at this point.]

«Hello folks. You are already here. Good. Have you had to wait for long? How was your travel?»

Then Marcus starts looking around. «Have you seen Guccio? The redcap, I mean?» he asks of the grogs.

Benvolio shakes his head. "Haven't seen him, sir. Is he supposed to meet us here?"

«Yes, he is. Of course, the journey could have taken longer than he planned. Let's wait for him a while. If he does not show, we have to try again tomorrow.»

"MARCUS!" you hear from a shouting Guccio across the square and he moves quickly to meet up with the group and embraces Marcus in a hearty hug. "It is good to see you brother. How does it feel to be a full member of the Tribunal?"

«Guccio! Welcome. Good to see you.» Marcus turns quickly to meet him. «Oh, I am overwhelmed. I never expected to get citizenship that easily. And now I am here with two very mature magi and a web of mundane relations which I do not understand. Well, that is what has brought us here.»

He introduces the two grogs before he continues, emphasising Piero's expertise.

«Do you know the city, Guccio? There is an inn near the connection point used by my predecessor, and that could be convenient as a base. But maybe you know better where to get a good room in the city?»

“Well, one can never know a city without spending a fair amount of time in it but I have read Some collected correspondences describing it. Better than nothing though. It wasn’t the most current book but if those decent inns still exist then I know which ones to go to and which to avoid,” Guccio says with a smile.