Recruiting for a new PbP

Greetings and Salutations,

I have been following these boards for some time and note the high quality of RPers in this community. So I extend an open invitation to players who would like to get into a 5th ed PbP. You can see how things are shaping up at: ... 1173558726

I am looking to start up a quasi-troupe style game where players have assigned tasks like keeping he covenant books, etc. I am willing to consider 'encapsulated' story arcs being run by assitant SGs.

The Intro (much more on the "Isle of Winter..." RPOL game site):

Isle of Winter is a Saga about young Magi being called on to inherit a rare prize - a legally recognized covenant in the Novgorod Tribunal. The covenant is located on an island in the Baltic, in the middle of Pagan Lands. This is the story about Glacies Habitum, the covenant of Ice Hold.

Ice Hold, laid low by the Schism War, had been almost forgotten by the Order as a whole. The self absorbed Rhine and Novgorod Magi with their political and ideological struggles have been taken by surprise as the lone Maga of Glacies Habitum suddenly reappeared to call in old debts. The ancient Maga was thus able to have Ice Hold recognized in the Novogorod Tribunal, a tribunal that the covenant predates!

A powerful rivalry developed between Durenmar and Pripet Major to secure ties with Ice Hold ... for both know of the wondrous magical crystal mined from their crystal ice cavern in centuries past. The Elder Maga, Salena ex Merinitia, eventually entertained applications from young Magi in both the Rhine and Novgorod Tribunals. In the last few years she has reviewed those letters, and asked that candidates voluntarliy sumbit to scrying magics in order to qualify.

So were the young Magi chosen, and now they begin to arrive ...

What exactly do you want in the Bio?
I am unsure as to what you mean by "topics suitable".

I guess 'topics suitable' is a bit cryptic. I will expand on that a bit and make it sound less serious - as it is really just a get to know each other sort of thing.

Anything you think would be in context about yourself applying for a game. What you like in roleplaying, your favorite things about Ars Magica, hobbies, maybe things about where in the world you live (on both these boards and RPOL there is a great international mix from Europe to Asia), etc. Also RPOL has a strict policy about keeping it clean (non-adult) for kids that may be reading :slight_smile:

I will also put up an introduction for myself which will be viewable on the site linked under 'Character Details' --> 'The Cast' --> 'The Mercurian'

So I should think that game start will be with 6 magi. That can expand should the troupe style thing work on PbP (which I can see haveing a good chance of working given the nice written record PbPs produce as story legacy).

2 players in so far.

So only 4 slots left.

3 playes in, 3 slots remaining.