Recruiting for Online Voice Game

I apologise if this is off-topic here, but all I could otherwise find was the PbP fora and that looked even less appropriate. Is a there a better place to seek contacts for online voice play?

We are four mature people having weekly Thursday evening voice games (Roll20 and Discord) European time. It seems we are down to only one SG among the four, and I feel we need two more people who want both to play and to run. This saga is fairly fresh so there is plenty of scope to shape the setting for new SGs. The covenant is in the Pyrenees (Provence) if it matters.

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My own weekly game is Thursday, or I would be totally down for this! Regardless, you are in the right place. If you haven't already, you might try recruiting on the Ars Magica Discord channel, as well.

I avoid having games on weekdays due to time differences, I am at UTC +8, but this would have been wonderful to play and run in. Sorginak!

how do you get an invite to the ars magica discord channel?

It's on Project: Redcap's main page below the mailing lists :slight_smile:

...on a side note I can't believe the Berkeley list is still up and running.

It's up. 'Running' is maybe a bit enthusiastic.

Change of plan. The current saga is dead, and some of us have decided to start with a clean slate.

Is anyone interested in a voice saga European evening time? Any day? Any setting? Any style?

If we find another beta-SG or two, we are ready to talk about style and direction. Even players who only want to run, say, one story every three months of weekly games or so, would be most welcome.

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Oh me me me!

But I do have a bit of a busy schedule. I may not be able to make it work. But if you build a mailing list or discord server or something to chat about the game, please include me, as Iā€™d love to play if I can make it fit the schedule.

I'd be interested, time permitting, and I'm willing to run stories. European time (I assume central time, GMT +1?) is good for me, but it depends on the day if I would be able to attend reliably.

Sorry about the imprecise time zone, but I argue that European time is as precise as evening. I am in GMT+1 myself, I have a player in GMT, with whom I have played for a couple of months.

Are you on Roll20? That's where I have met the most players so far, so I was planning to start a thread to agree on style and setting there within a couple of days. It looks as if we have enough beta SGs now to reach critical mass.

I'm on Roll20, just send me a link when the thread gets made there. I'm also Argentius on Roll20 (if there's more than one Argentius my profile has the same picture as on here).

I have started the thread here:
The call is for beta/gamma SGs, and I hope we can agree on setting etc before we commit.

Hi Loke,

I might be interested, have added something on Roll20 (Kage) and am on the discord server (also Kage)