Redcap virtue and magic item

Hi sodales!

The rules say:
50 level post gauntlet

+2 level / year.

It's easy...
BUT what does it mean:

Example: Redcap André has 2 items, one with 20 levels and 30 levels. He do 20 yearsof good work. SO gain +40 level. In the last winter, he lost one of his items, because thief kidnapped him and he managed to run.. without his "wonderful bag without bottom".

a) As he lost 30 levels, the mercere magi will do for him a total of 30+40 levels of items, so, in total, he will still have 20 + 30 + 40 = 90 items on him (because with his age and work he has the right for 90 levels of item)

b) Lost is lost, but mercere magi will do for him a 40 level item. So, total on him is 20 + 40 = 60 levels of item. (on the 90 his age and seasons of work give to him)

I thought A, but a friend say me B, and i don't find the answer in the core rules... so give me your lights, thanks!

I don't think there is anything RAW to support replacing lost items.
But, Mercere is a pretty cohesive house, and they take care of their Redcaps. The friendly thing would be to replace it. Perhaps even try and recover the lost item! After all, such items shoudl not fall into the wrong hands.
If the Redcap lost the thing deliberately (e.g. is corrupt and sold it) or by gross negligence or incompetence, he might not get it replaced. And should face reprecissions, like transfer to an unpopular route, or simply the non-replacement of the items.

Just my 2 mythic cents worth

Well in fact, there is a sentence which say +2/year (...) for replacing and new items.

And i think this is the beginning of the 2 different interpretations :slight_smile:

But "replacing" might mean replacing items suddenly not good enough anymore. Perhaps the Redcap's own abilities have increased so certain items aren't needed anymore.
If you had a device granting "intuition of the forest", a relatively low InHe effect (what? 5?), and the Redcap after 10 years of travels in Schwarzwald off the beaten path feels his Survival is high enough. Then he could hand it back in to the house (or creator) in exchange for an item of level 25 (the original 5 +2/year for 10 years). And so on. That could be "replacing".

Or the Redcap is suddenly so important, carrying such important messages requiring rapid delivery. Suddenly his low level ReCo device to teleport him 500 paces at a time (useful for avoiding unwanted encounters, crossing rivers without bridges etc.) needs to be replaced with a true Seven League Stride

Well so the redcap would always have the right to 50+2x years.

And then, it's A.

B would mean, you keep your InHe 5 and receive a 10x2 new item.