Redcaps and Gift

Hello everyone!

Thing that puzzles my mind time to time is that how redcaps overcome effects of the gift?
I have read HoH:TL and can't find answer to this question.
Is there some silent agreement that magi use parma magica when doing business with caps?
Is there any magic items that would help to resolve this problem?
Perhaps this isn't that big problem (caps just steel their mind, and do their job).

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Take a look at ArM5 p.75f: "People who have dealt with a lot of different Gifted individuals ..." and so on. That should answer your question, or most of it.


There are also comments in other books about how long it takes to get accustomed to the Gift. I think Covenants (in dealing with covenfolk loyalty) was the first to deal with it, but I think it's written more clearly elsewhere. Perhaps Hedge Magic? I don't remember.


Covenants, in the section on "Prevailing Loyalty" (p. 37) does discuss how, in established covenants, the covenfolk have been around long enough (in some cases, for generations) to not take negative modifiers for the magi's Gift. But it then goes on to say that if a new magus joins the Covenant, that the covenfolk are not accustomed to the affects of his Gift and thus take the full penalty on the Prevailing Loyalty. So, it seems to me that the only way to not be affected by anyone's Gift is to take the Virtue Unaffected by The Gift.

Ok, thanks.

I think that recognizing the Gift (p.75 core rules) is something that needs individual to have some skill of introspection - so i think it's not automatic for every person?
Also, if this doesn't take away actual feelings, final result is still somewhat uncontrollable. For example, person who has some sort drug-withdrawal, may recognize that their short-temper is caused by drug, but he still cannot act nice if he doesn't have sufficient willpower.

That's right. However, the effects of the Gift are well known in the Order, and thus to the Redcaps. Basically, a Redcap knows that most magi speak and act as unsufferable jerks, but that's really more appearance then substance. Some mailing lists come to mind :slight_smile:

The feeling will progressively disappear for any individual magus with whom the Redcap interacts long enough. For the rest it will remain, but the Redcap knows about it and thus -- although the -3 penalty is still there -- can rein himself in.

I would agree.
The oddball Redcap failing in one of these respects would have had a tough apprenticeship, however, and his parens would have noticed how he could not bring himself to act politely among most Hermetic magi. This could be the root for a story, perhaps with a Redcap apprentice drifting to become a 'Lone Redcap' (HoH:TL p. 106), a goliard (HoH:TL p.93ff) or something more interesting (his parens would say: worse) still.


Rival Magic (p. 7-8) has a brief discussion of this as well, referencing Covenants.
It is strongly suggested to take 15 years to acclimatise to a specific Gifted individual.

It may be significant that there are some long traditions about how a covenant receives a redcap on a routine message delivery. I can't remember the book(s) offhand, but I remember things like three days of hospitality, lavish if at all possible, with one silver penny offered each day, and the fact that most covenant make a real effort to be as welcoming as possible.

Surely that qualifies for bonus to social interaction, thus mitigating the penalty somewhat ? Plus, by keeping things between the bounds of a formal etiquette, you can avoid misunderstanding, and limit the need for social rolls in the first place.

I would expect most interaction of a non Gifted redcap to be with covenfolk, specially the high end ones (autocrat et al) if he favors that over Magi. he will have a few magi encounters, but most of his time is likely to be with servants of the Magi precisely to avoid social interaction issues.


Don't forget that a maga can choose to extend her Parma Magica over a Redcap, which would negate the effects of the Gift.

Nevertheless, I suspect that an experienced Redcap can learn to overcome the Gift's social penalties, simply by not acting on the feelings of unease and distrust the Redcap experiences - perhaps somwwhat like a person with anger management issues learns not to act on his anger even though he still feels it. Perhaps the Redcap's Etiquette score might be relevant here.

Probably a valid method of regarding it. Undoubtedly, the grogs at Durenmar are similarly able to resist the effects of the gift simply due to their regular encountering of visitors to the Great Library.

Also, there's decent odds that a redcap will get mildly warped by their time in service, either from all the auras they travel into and out of, or the effects they have from items they utilize. As a result, they stand a chance of gaining a level or two of magic resistance.