Regio Boundaries

Salve sodales,

What do you see when you try to look outside of the boundaries of a regio? And where do you go if you try to cross?
I have looked all over RoPM, i found nothing.

Say there is a Magic Aura level 1 in a valley. In that valley there is also a Regio level 2. When you are in the Regio on you go to the edge of the valley, do you see the Twilight Void? The Magic Realm? The mundane area outside the valley? Nothing?

Usually you see a higher regio level, or a lower regio level, or the mundane area outside, depending on where you are and whether you are looking "up" or "down". When you cross (if you can) you go to the higher or lower level.

But, of course, in particular cases the storyguide can rule otherwise. For example, some boundaries might be opaque or sometimes what a regio level looks like from outside might differ from how it actually is when inside.

I've always favors making my regio entrances/exits small... a gap between two rocks or a break in a hedge. It's hard to see through clearly and once you've gone through you're on "the other side" and the barrier remains. Failing that, I would tend to go with the ever-classic wall of mist through which you might glimpse vague shadows of the other regio levels or mudane world as appropriate.

Thank you for your answers.

It was my understanding that to see from a layer to another you have to use a magic sight of some sort. (Second Sight, InVi, etc.) And to cross from a Regio to another, or to another layer you had to see that, using that magic sight thingy.
In Heirs of Merlin, in the description of Cad Gadu the Covenant that stay in multiples Regio they don't really say one way or the other. Just that everything outside the Regio/Isle is shrouded in permanent mist.

Yes, that is usually correct. Sorry, I assumed that you were talking about characters who could in fact see Regio boundaries via something of that ilk.

If you can't see the regio boundary, then you can't see it. See the description of specific Regios for examples of what you see instead. "Mists", "A wall", "An endless waste", "Flames", "Nothing", "The Back of Your Head", etc are the normal sorts of answers, i.e., whatever the storyguide wants.

one of the things about a regio is that if one just "stumbles in" they might not realize it at first, and possibly the SG doesn't want them to notice. So for most purposes there probably should not be one hard-and-fast "this is how it always works" answer. One of the more interesting ones I've seen was a sort of "curved space", where you find yourself walking down the same trail you tried to leave on, either back the other direction or from the "other side" of a smaller area enclosed by the regio, so always "coming back in" if you try to leave. As there were both supernatural inhabitants and some landmarks that were together very distracting, the characters/players all thought it was a magical effect/barrier/curse/defense and took a while to think of testing for a regio.

I'd say that the regio that lets you see "out" into the mundane world would be a rarity. But as RL lists, the "boundaries" of a Regio can be (un)defined in a variety of creative ways.