regio boundaries

In mysteries revised pg 100

Closed privacy of the enchanted regio.
...There is no longer a path that can be walked between the two cross from an adjacent regio level now requires an arcane connection and a transportation spell....

I had been under the impression that you couldn't "teleport" through regio boundaries.
Any clarification on this...can you jump between levels if your already inside, and only not enter into the "base" level, from outside, unless you use the door? Or can you jump to anyplace you have a connection?

I had put the question "Do AC's function across regio boundries?" in the collection of questions that were not answered in the published material.

In my present game I've made the functioning of arcane connections dependent upon the regio (sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't) and specific non-AC access regios are important to my story.

Looks like it's time for another addendum to my house rule sheet.

Way I see it (and thus the only correct interpretation, as I'm always in the right) one can always walk between regio levels unless one enacts this effect. After the effect is enacted on the other hand, you'd need an existing Arcane Connection to the level in question to access it. That is; you'd need to have a Connection from before the Privacy was enacted. Ultimately, it's up to the ST, as there are few, if any, comments about this.


IOS you can move use an AC between adjacent levels of a regio including from Mundane to 1st regio level, but only when at the base of the regio in the mundane world.

The Mystery is referring to other spells in TMRE for transport between levels - the ref. to AC is just for completeness ('cos you will need an AC).

Typically you'd want to prepare exit spells before closing off the regio...

Correct (though some regios are documented as needing special rites or conditions to enter, even without Hermetic tinkering.

though an Ac alone is not enough - the pinched off portion of the regio has ceased to exist in the area it once occupied, so you now will walk past "it", and can't walk into/through the regio. That's why you need a spell (various possible spells - see TMRE)
(Also if you have an AC and an AC range "Piercing the Magical Veil", you can see through, and seeing through is enouogh to let you cross)

Yes, you need a connection from before; or, a connection from before to let you acquire a second new connection from inside...