Rego flight, unsupported surface (what is it?)

I've been looking at some of the spells in TME that makes stuff fly.

Both the Woolen Steed of Araby and the Vessel of the Clouds add +1 magnitude for unsupported surface.

Is the purpose to allow the carpet or boat to fly further up in the air than the e.g. the 6 feet above ground of the Unseen Porter and over over water (as opposed to solid ground) or is it something else I just don't understand?

Perhaps to make it rigid?

If it had been only the flying carpet I'd agree, but the same extra magnitude is also used for the flying boat made of wood.

Have a look at ArM5 p.134 box Rego Corpus Guidelines.

You find there different guidelines to move people, depending on:

  • whether you wish to change their direction in mid-spell,
  • whether you move them over surfaces that cannot support them,
  • whether you move them unsupported by any surface,
  • the speed you can move them.

These different aspects are listed separately with the TME p.111f Rego spells, which even spell out twice:

"unsupported surface" stands here for "move target, even if unsupported": not exactly good English style, I'd say - but certainly brief.


It is as I suspected then.
I just found the wording a bit lacking.

I guess this settles all my possible future questions about spells to make stuff fly or flying items as well.

Now I just need to pop over to the lab and design that [strike]74-Z speeder bike[/strike] flying log.