Rego Ignem player's block

i created a character who has high scores in Rego and Ignem, so naturally I would like to capitalize on that specific art combinations. However, it seems that the uses of ReIg are somewhat limited to. Move fire here. Move fire there. The Spell guidelines for ReIg are a bit sparse... so I'm having a bit of a creative block in terms of thinking of inventive and interesting uses of ReIg. Here are my current thoughts:

Use ReIg to summon the spirit of a fire. The Spirit can travel between any fires that are arcane connections to it and converse and interact with any persons on either side of the fire. The spirit must be appeased to be compliant with high quality wood, good ventilation, etc. But the fire spirit can basically act as a rudimentary magical telephone. Also, what are the spell guidelines for summoning elemental spirits?

Use ReIg to teleport an existing fire inside a person. Spell would likely require a corpus requisite, but the target would gain no soak from his armor. Would cause massive internal damage.

Use ReIg to drain the heat from one source and heat/ignite another object. I.e. Move the heat from a body of water into a nearby flammable object. The water would freeze from the drop in temperature and the item would heat and perhaps catch fire from the increased heat.

Use ReIg to gather the sunlight around the caster so that he appears brilliant as the sun. Those who look directly at him receive penalties to their rolls when aiming at him. Can only be cast during the day and in direct sunlight.

thoughts? and many of these spell effects are not included in the spell guidelines... how would i determine the base levels of these spells?

I recently used a ReIg spell to extinguish a fire (moving it into thin air).
A player used it as a wars against cold.

ignem is fire, light, smoke, heat, cold, maybe shadows
rego is moving, shaping,teleporting, controling, banning

Many Technique/form combinations are limited (CrCo is good for healing humans only, InAq for even less. If you combine ReIg with InIg and some Cr/PeIg spells, you get more out of it.

The (brief) rules for summoning and controlling spirits, including fire spirits, are in The Mysteries Revised Edition, in the "common magicks" (or whatever its name is) chapter.

I would also suggest throwing pilums of fire - literally throwing existing fire, rather than creating magical fire.

As a ReIg specialist, having some fire on-hand is useful. Consider making an item with an Arcane Connection range effect to some intense constant fire (a bubbling volcano? An Ignem part of the Magic Realm?), or an item that traps fire within, so you can release it later. I'd make it my talisman.

For a longer term goal, I would consider focusing on creating, trapping, and commanding fire spirits and elementals. I'd improve my Creo and Vim to allow this, and would seek out Mysteries related to Hermetic Theurgy and/or Spirit Magic - especially Hermetic Synthemata and Hermetic Theurgy, which will allow me to discover and command new fire spirits.

This is summoning a spirit of fire, with the power to jump between fires. I'd rank such a spirit as a daimon, and suggest locating a theurgic invocation to summon it. Convincing it to become your theurgic familiar can be a nice goal.

This looks like Base 3. Alternatively, I'd use the ReCo teleportation guidelines. Make sure the damage is always significantly lower than a CrIg equivalent-level spell. IIRC armor does not affect soak against fire past the fire round, incidentally.

This is somewhat problematic, as you're thinking of heat as some fluid that exists in an object and that you can use magic to move around. I believe Art & Academe stipulated that heat is a property of the object, you can change it up and down just like you can make an object redder but it doesn't make sense to transfer the redness from one object to another (certainly not without Perdo and Creo effects). Still, it's a cool effect and I'd suggest allowing it if you're not a stickler for correct metaphysics.

Freezing water is PeIg base 5 (and does +5 damage to people), and the same base for CrIg is enough to make things red hot and do substantial damage (I'd pick +5 in unnatural shape). A Perdo spell with a Creo requisite to do that same thing would therefore be something like base 5 + 1 magnitude, so effectively base 10. I'd therefore judge this effect as base 15, to make it less efficient. Milder chilling and heating would lower this base level. I'd use a Special target, 15 paces around the magus, which is like Voice/Room but +1 magnitude for using a non-standard parameter. So, my suggestion is:

Collecting the Ambient Heat
ReIg 35
R: Touch, D: Momentary, T: Special
This spell draws the heat from all things near the magus, in a circle 15 paces in radius, and concentrates it on a single object that the magus designates. The chilling effect is severe, causing water to freeze and extinguishing small fires (+5), and inflicts +5 damage to anyone caught in it. The heating of the designate object varies with the amount of heat drawn from the objects - on a cold winter day, it would likely hardly heat at all, while in a warm day it could be be heated substancially - water will boil, flammable materials will ignite, and creatures will suffer +5 heat damage. If fire in excess of +5 is present in the environment, the target suffers +10 damage instead, which is enough to make metal red-hot and ignite even slightly flammable materials like leather or damp wood; the spell cannot concentrate heat in excess of this. Once the effect is manifested, the chilled and heated items will proceed to heat up or chill down naturally; note that any fire ignited by the spell will usually continue naturally, and that small fires (of +5 size) would be extinguished by it.
(Base 15, +1 touch, +3 for 15 paces "range" target)

This I'd generously judge as Base 4. Again, use a non-standard Target, but I'd add +1 to Size, and this yields something like:

The Incarnated Sun
ReIg 25
R: Touch, D: Sun, T: Special
This spell can only be cast in direct sunlight, during the day. It gathers the light from sun in a 100 paces radius around the magus, letting it all shine on him. The effect is to make him blindingly brilliant, a shining incarnate sun. In the area, the sun appears dim, and the magus becomes the main source of light. Anyone attempting to look at him directly is blinded for the round, and anyone trying to aim at him without directly looking at him is at a -3 penalty. From outside the spell's radius, the magus is still a beacon of light but is no longer blinding, and aiming at him is at no penalty.
Magi have tried to develop variants of this spell with a larger affected area, but no one has managed to create a non-Ritual version. This may be related to the standard size of a Boundary target.
(Base 4, +1 touch, +3 10 paces, +1 size)


JeanMichelle, i find CrCo the best combination in game:

  • LR specialisation
  • Dead to life
  • healing (that you have said)
  • creating walls (of bodies)
  • and... boosting physical characteristics, which, as magus, are always bad for my PC...

And ReIg is quite amazing: Avatar, the last airbender, Zuko fighting style :wink:

I dont think you can teleport it inside a person, but you can teleport it to surround the person.
Armour soak will still be either little or none and no need for a Corpus requisite so still good and useful.

Yup, though i dont recall how we solved the problem of needing 2(or more) different (places to take from and places to receive) targets. I do recall having someone playing with a "sunmage" using spells like this, shifting heat between places in many and inventive ways. Controlling the heat taken means you can also decide how to focus it... Ie take a little heat from a huge area and then apply it to a speck of sand, and watch it glow...
Can be a quite QUITE effective way of magic.

Take your best guess... Essentially, compare with the usefulness of posted guidelines, find those closest to your effect and then raise it one magnitude "just in case", so that if later on you come up with another way to use the spell it doesnt become a total gamebreaker.
Or you can leave the exact effectiveness somewhat open and let the SG decide just how well it works each time its used. If you have a good SG, this is preferred.

Look at the other forms and Rego and see what's suggested there.

Wards are always cool - if Ignem is embodies by a volcano, then work on a ward big enough to go diving in magma - talk about a Study Bonus! Hell, just being able to allow you and some grogs to go charging into a housefire and handle/recover burning objects is pretty sweet.

As an object, besides "fireproof cloaks", you could make a fire safe for valuables. And enchant a library to repel all flames all the time - not only safe, but a great joke on an absent-minded grog or mundane intruder trying to see with a candle.

Teleporting a fire "inside" someone is complex, but teleporting a mundane fire around someone bypasses MR and avoids need for Penetration. And you could light massive mundane bonfires, get them burning at their max, and then Rego them to stop burning, a sort of "stasis" (I think. Not sure how "hot" such a fire would be, but it should last indefinitely.)

With ReIg couldn't you also create an area where there is no light, putting the light in your hand (as a Dumbledore's Deluminator) for a time?

I would say so. All the light in an area is directed to a single point. Sounds like ReIg to me :slight_smile: