Rego speciallist

Salve sodales,

Here i bring you a help petition.

im building a char for a new saga (political) settled few years after schism war . There will be a quaesitor with 2 hoplites travelling (investigating)around.

One of the hoplites is a young veteran of the war ex miscellanea, rego specialist, and is suposed to be as well half investigator.

this is my char.

I'm looking for a bit of help with its spells.

the 2 only spells i have for sure are "Leap of homecoming" & "Call to slumber" have "Flexible formulaic magic" "affinity rego" and its arts are:

In 0
Cr 0
Mu 0
Pe 0
Re 24

All forms 2

stamina 3

as you can see is a speciallyced magus, its tradition understand the magic in a bit diferent way so here the flexible formulaic and the technique speciallization.

strong Faerie blood of the the people of gold.
( ... er-faerie/)
still debating with the SG wich will be the faerie blood bonus (sugestions apreciated)

well if you can help me with ideas of spells it whould be great.

thank yo very much.

Invisible Sling of Vilano...for opponents whose MR is superior to your penetration. Need some experience in finesse.
Wielding the Invisible Sling for opponents where MR isn't an issue.
Aegis of the Hearth, but depending on how your troupe handles penetration and wards, this may or may not be a good idea. If you require the Aegis to penetrate, he can't effectively commune with others to help cast the spell.

I think going this high on an Art, especially a technique is really risky.

Thanks Jonathan
sling of vilano is on the table :slight_smile: lets see which more

Ive considered a few realm wards but can be sponted on the fly when needed i think not very high but..

Im suposed to be a kind of ass saver (apologies for the expression)
The real steel will be the piroFlambeauManiac BoAF multicaster penetration et al
The polivalent its me.

Well its risky but being risky is part of the fun. At least i can switch T:I to T:G with FFM... bye bye

Please more wonderfull spells

Consider some more Rego Terram spells - those can be really useful as utilities, or Rego Herbam.

Throw furniture around, uproot trees and toss them, levitate a large rock to ferry your grogs across a river, create earthquakes...

Rego is a great skill for a shaper. You can control all the stuff around you. Spells that allow manipulation of the environment are a must for you.

For abilities I would consider a serious investment in Finesse and Concentration. Some craft skills would be useful as well to determine the quality of your own work. Assess the Wizard's handiwork (I think it was that spell) is also useful here.


With a rego specialist this pure, I'd say throwing stuff is about the best idea for combat spells.

Mind you:
You can only change a spell by one step - so tao use FFM to allow the same spell to be used at T: Ind or T: Group it would need to be learned at T: Part.

Doh! :open_mouth: thanks !i allways forget the "part"... well personal to touch still fine for me

thanks i've been thinking to invest in hi level spells i cant spont and in low level spells that need penetration. since i can almost spont any lvl15 Rego efect only hi lvl and Penetation needed. maybe a hi lvl ward against demons or inclusive an aegis from heart

i will feel like edward elric XD (without combat abilities)

my sg only allow spells on source books at char creation so i still dive on pages :slight_smile:

thanks a lot and please dont stop :slight_smile: