Rego Terram question

What do these guidelines mean?:

Level 1: Control or move dirt in a natural fashion
Level 2: Control or move dirt in a slightly unnatural fashion.
Level 3: Control or move dirt in a very unnatural fashion.

If I wanted to make a statue dance, what base is it?


The base effect is level 3, no doubt about it, IMO.

Also remember that the base level for stone and metal is higher than for dirt. So making a stone statue dance is base level 4.


The ReTe guidelines are not overly clear re what is "slightly" vs. "very" unnatural, but the example spells seem to help.

The movement of an object across a surface is "natural" - floating in the air is "slightly unnatural", and becoming hands and grasping a person is "very unnatural". (These are all relative, of course - but an object can "naturally" be slid across a surface, can "sort of" be tossed thru the air, but cannot (easily) become hands.)


I think than for example, making one wheeled object move over the floor is natural, but make one statue move like one live being is very or slightly unnatural.

And if the statue most move and appear to be as fluid as graceful as a dancer, then a Muto Requisite is necessary. And a high finesse score...

I am playing one Crippled Verditius and Corpus Deficiency, so he installed two pair of metallic wheels on his chair, and i designed one spell to make simples mechanism or clockworks works between their capabilities but under his control and direction (locks and latchs open, pulleys and hinges turn and pull, etc); Concentration and Finness are needed. I used the natural, because it's not designed to make harm (+0 like a greatest damage if you open a door against somebody). The wheels can't work against a slope or on difficult terrain.

A statue moving like a normal human being I'd put at base 2: It's slightly unnatural, but it's still at ground level and its shape is such as to make the movement reasonable.

Dancing, however, I'd put at base 3. It's not easy even for a normal human, and these are heavy and made of stone.

This is based partly on the base calculation in Ancient Magic for the Mechanica.