ReIm Wards, or how to soundproof your lab

Hi all,

I have an idea for soundproofing my lab, and i was wondering if you could create a Rego Imaginem ward to stop the sound specie travelling through it? The rego guidelines dont mention anything comparable.

Are there any preexsisting spells like this?



Could you do a perdo Imaginem spell with a circle or room target. Use it to destroy all the sound species reaching the perimeter.

Rego won't get rid of them, it will just keep them in, which could get noisy I'd imagine.

What I would like, essentially, is to have a barrier, that prevents people outside the area from hearing what is happening inside, without in any way affecting sounds within the area, so that conversions can be carried out. Perdo would just destroy all sounds with in the area wouldn't it?


I drafted this enchanted device a while back for a lab, using a stand alone building. It could easily be used as +2 Room instead.

Insulation for the Dedicated Lab
Perdo Imagonem 25, R: Touch, D: Sun, T: Structure
This effect stops any sounds from entering or leaving the structure, granting the "Well Insulated" lab virtue (+1 Safety, +1 Aesthetics).
(Base 3 to remove sound, +1 Touch, +2 Sun, +3 Structure)
Device effect total 29 (2 uses per day +1, environmental trigger +3 = constant)

There is no "Species Ward" in the Imaginem guidelines in the fashion of wards against Fire, or Water.
There are, however, a number of possible solutions.

One can cast a number of T:Circle PeIm spells (at least 4 of them) each creating a disc of silence "surrounding" the area you want soundproofed (think of encircling the area with a string of partially overlapping coins). Each spell, at R:Touch, T:Circle and D:Ring is level 10 (Base 3, +1 Touch, +2 Ring). Somewhat inelegant, and blocks both sounds going out and coming in.

Alternatively, one can use the ReIm Base 4 effect that is the basis of "The Captive Voice", with R:Touch, T:Circle and D:Ring and keep the sounds that are inside from leaving the area. This is ReIm level 15.

Is there any reason specific to Im that implies we shouldn't extrapolate a warding guideline without requiring some sort of Breakthrough? Everything else seems wardable after all.

Well, Mentem can't be warded. More precisely: supernatural creatures associated with Mentem can be warded (and so can creatures associated with Imaginem) but memories, emotions etc. can't be warded, at least in the fashion of other wards.

One thing to be kept in mind is that Imaginem works ... slightly differently from e.g. the elemental forms. With Aquam, you affect water. With much of Imaginem, it's almost as if you affected "species-emitters" rather than species themselves. This could be a reason for species being unwardable under current Hermetic Theory. In fact, it might well be related to the fact that you can change other forms to species, but not species to other forms (from HoH:S, the Jerbiton part).