This is still a work in progress, and I am willing to take suggestions and modify things. Most of this is background material that might not ever matter, but some do provide interesting story potential.

[size=150]Current Covenants[/size]

Founded: 1014
Status: Autumn
[tab][/tab]Barcelona is one of the most splendid cities of Mythic Europe, outclassed only by the likes of Constantinople and Baghdad. Barcelona covenant consists only of magi of House Jerbiton, and they have been given Hermetic jurisdiction over the whole of the city by a ruling of the tribunal. The six members live in different parts of the city and maintain mundane identities. Odo of Montpellier is the titular head of the covenant, and manages the Silver Rooster Inn. He succeeds Farusca, who now poses as a wealthy widow in the city. Carles filius Quiffara runs an occult bookshop with his apprentices, and together with Florenzo they form the core of the Quill of the Eye (a Jerbiton league dedicated to libraries, literature, and the scribal arts). Constans Hispanus, Franc Severel's hardnosed, mercantile focused Theban heir, keeps in close touch with his mentor (Franc faked his death and moved somewhere else). And finally, Erus Pavo "The Peacock Lord", is a vain young Jerbiton troubadour magus with Catharist sympathies. Matteau the bouncer has a Longevity Potion given to him for his loyal service, but he has retired as a fighter and is now the covenant Steward. Tomas is another companion, who serves as the one to greet announced visitors from other covenants before they enter the city (a new custom), and serves as the assistant steward to guests (and a concierge).

Founded: 917
Status: Autumn
[tab][/tab]Located in the Galatia region of Leon, Duresca lies just off the road to Santiago de Compostella. They consist entirely of Quaesitores and Hoplites, but of both House Gurnicus and representatives from other Houses who hold such offices. The Gurnicus magi originally came to research the discovery of the so-called Duresca scrolls, which they declared a forgery. They eventually took over and the original members were marginalized and moved away. Recent rumor has it that Duresca was originally a Diedne covenant, but there is nothing in or about any of the original construction that indicates this. Still, there are curious clues that conspiracy enthusiasts enjoy propagating, mostly ridiculous but some that are interesting.

Founded: 1014
Status: Autumn
[tab][/tab]Located in Granada, they consist of Hermetic Sahirs, Islamic Jerbiton magi, and others of House Criamon & Ex-Miscellanea. They have an alliance with the Knights of Seneca, and one of their members is an Islamic Flambeau Sahir and a member of the
Knights of Seneca. They have a connection to Andorra as well. Andorra was revitalized by the Knights of Seneca, bringing with them the resources from the dissolved Covenant of Valencia. The Sahirs of Valencia, driven out by Almorovides, brought their share of the Valencia treasures to Estancia es Karida and recharged them so they could resist the Almorovides and come to an understanding with them. Estancia es Karida later came under pressure from the Almohades, but they were able to resist and pacify the invaders. This covenant's official name is as listed above, but there are a number of alternate spellings and meanings that they use, an esoteric play on words that indicates the covenants original origins as a clutch of Criamon magi. These alternate names include (among others) Estancia Escarida, Stantia Escaritida, Al Estancia y los Queridas, and others (see Xavi's etymology). The various possible meaning of their established & variant names include empty room, beloved room, undecorated ranch, the stand and the beloved, and others.

[u]Campo de Marte[/u] (Camp of Mars)
Founded: 1127
Status: Spring
[tab][/tab]Locates near Zamora in Leon, they are a covenant of martial magi, mainly Milites from Houses Flambeau and some members of House Tremere, and a few members of other Houses. They have little outside interests, and care mainly about the perfection of their art. They serve as an elite training center, charging a small fee for their tutelage. Flambeau and other martial magi throughout the Order take advantage of these services, and Castra Solis (the Domus Magnus of House Flambeau) likes to recruit young magi who were gauntleted here (either apprentices of the members or apprentices of others that are boarders under a fostering agreement). This was also the covenant Karandos of Flambeau at the time of the Shadow Wars.

[u]Casa de Mercurio[/u] (House of Mercury)
Founded: 1099
Status: Summer
[tab][/tab]Located in Burgos, they are the central hub for Redcap activity in Iberia. They pose as a secular militant order for older and retired warriors. They do in fact provide charity to veterans, and also recruit from them as well. The Mercere House that Andorra hosts maintains a Portal to the main lodge in Burgos.

Founded: 907
Status: Autumn
[tab][/tab]This is a covenant of primarily Sufi members of House Criamon and some House Ex-Miscellanea Hedge Wizards. They have mingled and mixed with the waves of Berbers, recruiting apprentices from their Gifted children. They also claim to have recruited the very first Marabout into the Order. Marabouts are mysterious Berber hedge wizards and necromancers that claim to be hereditary saints and are fanatically Islamic (all of this has yet to be verified. In fact, some think Enrico the Redcap is exaggerating).

[u]La Sagra[/u]
Founded: 1217
Status: Spring
[tab][/tab]In the midst of Sierra de Segura & Sierra de Tabilla, La Sagra is the newest covenant in the Tribunal. Not much is known about them, but they just submitted their charter.

[u]Mare Cerulis[/u]
Founded: 1168
Status: Spring
[tab][/tab]Mare Cerulis (Deep blue-green sea) is a mobile covenant that consists of four ships of various size that operate in and around the Baelric Islands. They maintain a few sites (hideouts), and have a common lab on land (on Majorica, their only officially registered site). They hold a grudge against Antonio because he killed one of their major assets when he killed the Baelric Dragon to earn his Archmagus status. He doesn't know this, as Antonio has no idea who they are to begin with.

[u]Sapientia Lares[/u]
Founded: 1147
Status: Spring
[tab][/tab]Sapientia Lares (protectors of the wisdom) is located in Alicante, south of Valencia, these magi represent what was left of the Covenant of Valencia after the Knights of Senecas and the Sahirs of the Stance parted ways after the death of El-Cid. They are descended from the few magi that remained behind, and inherited many of the treasures that were left behind. Though Islamic, they were driven out of Valencia by the Almohades. Rumors say they retain the key to control the djinni of Valencia, and have started to use them for some other things than mere agricultural helpers.

Founded: 799
Status: Winter
[tab][/tab]Located in southern Portugal, Vaetrix always consists of three Merinita magi and one apprentice, all female. They are named after the sorceress that founded their covenant, Vae Tricia, who was forced to join the Order along with her sisters during Flambeau's "Join or Die" recruitment drive. In her latter years, she was a major supporter of Quendalon. Vaetrix was not always located here; they were originally up in Asturias, but they migrated south to avoid the Schism War.

[size=150]Important Outsiders[/size]

Founded: 857 (re-established in 1111)
Status: Summer
[tab][/tab]The covenant we all know and love. Not a part of the Iberian or Provencal Tribunals, but instead holds on to claims of belonging to the Val-Negra Tribunal

Founded: 876
Status: Autumn

Status: Summer

Founded: 774
Status: Autumn

[size=150]Past Covenants[/size]

Founded: 780
Status: Destroyed in 844
Located somewhere in Navarre, Aqualonia was a covenant of warrior wizards allied in the Reconquista against the Moors. They were among the early wizards to join the House after the Founding. Right around the time Val-Negra was established, the original magi of Aqualonia wrested control of this magic site from enemy wizards. They lived a live of epic adventures and glory, but the generation that succeeded them was eventually overcome by the enemy. The site was so completely obliterated that no a trace of it's existence or location can be found.

Founded: 833
Status: Destroyed in 1005
Cayeris was a small covenant, originally consisting of a single magus and apprentice that settled amongst the Basques. They consisted of a Diedne lineage and a tiny Ex-Miscellanea Tradition of Basque Shamans. They were utterly wiped out in the Schism War.

Founded: 1014
Status: Destroyed in 1214, last of the Shadow magi slain in 1218 (or so everyone believes).

[u]Novus Glorius[/u]
Founded: 983
Status: Destroyed in 1016
Novus Glorius was located in what was then the Andalusian borderland, but is now called New Castile. They sought to recapture the glory of the magi of Aquilonia, but at first they failed to live up to the lofty goals they set for themselves. Intrigue and dipute tore at them, and they were on the verge of dissolution when the Schism War broke out. That war proved to be their redemption and destruction.

Founded: 1094
Status: Destroyed in 1108
The covenant of Valencia was formed when the Knights of Senecas managed to get the Al-Estancia Sahir to join the Order of Hermes, and together with them formed the Covenant of Valencia. It was prosperous, but did not last long. After El Cid died, the Senecans eventually drifted off, and the Al-Estancia Sahirs were forced to flee along with the Mozarabs when the fundamentalist Almohades took control. The Knights of Senecas joined various other covenants, while the Sahirs of Al-Estancia eventually combined with another covenant of Moslem magi to create Estancia Escarida.