Relevant characteristics for Chirurgy and Medicine


Are there any relevant characteristics for using chirurgy or medicine?

Apparently the ability scores alone form the basis for recovery rolls. Is that correct? A non-magical healer would therefore not have preferences based on his profession...

Of course there is more than recovery rolls, e.g.. Int+Medicine to figure out an illness.


I would use dex + quirurgy to bind wounds under stress, but just my personal feeling here.

Yes, A&A page 61 uses Dex+Chirurgy for first aid - patching up injuries in the field. For palliative, ongoing care there is no roll hence no characteristic used. Just the ability score added to recovery.

And I'd use Int+Medicine to diagnose a disease or perform medicinal treatment

I'd use Per+Medicine to come up with the right diagnosis: Perception is not just about sensing, but about making sense of what you sense too. Does that make sense?

Yes, it does. I was thinking the same.

In order to complete that list with the remaining characteristics, you could use :
-Com + Chirurgy if you give orders to other characters during a hard and complex operation where two or three doctors are required
-Ene + Medicine in order to counter a mental illness / healing a contagious illness without being contaminated
-For + Medicine when correcting twisted articulations, For + Chirurgy when maintening tourniquet when someone else look for a better doctor...
-Pre + Medicine for commanding a pack of nurses in an Hospitaller clinic
-Qck + Medicine / Chirurgy for urging situations : character with heartstroke, horrendous bleeding, carotid artery cut, killing poison suffered in the same round...