Reprint of Ars Magica 5th edition books

I wonder if there is a possibility that you would reprint such books as the Realms of Power for Ars Magica.

Or if you could please start a Print on Demand

I am rather new with Ars Magica nd I suugest that until there will be a 6th edition, that Atlas Games will reprint the most crucial books (Realms of Power, Core Book and Houses of Hermes).

Hi - there's a possibility, as we've done past short-run softcover reprints of assorted books (digital print runs of 100 copies or so). We've just been too busy with some other assorted things recently to take care of the file changes needed for the switch to softcover, etc.

The core rulebook is in a good supply right now, and I expect we'd order a reprint fairly quickly when it sells out.

-John Nephew
President, Atlas Games

Semi-shameless redirect: I'm just lucky Warehouse 23 had a copy of "Art and Academe" available at a reasonable price. And PDFs available otherwise.

However, would still love to get my hands on physical copies of a couple other books. I'm a sucker for being able to open the books over a big table and cross-reference things trying to tie an Idea together. I prefer hardcovers . . . and would like to note a reprint run of the "Houses of Hermes" books are perhaps overdue :slight_smile: