Request: Sourcebook Type Images/Scans

Hello friends and fellow Atlas Games forum members and Feng Shui enthusiasts. As you may know, I am working on documents compiling Feng Shui types. I find myself currently in need of some images that I do not have and am coming to the forums here in the hopes that some kind souls would have these resources and would be willing to take the time to share their bounty for the good of the pdf, in exchange for credit within it. Please and thank you. I am just needing the pictures that go along with the official types from some of the faction/sourcebooks, which I then crop to a smaller image to put in a summarized profile, allowing me to fit 3 Types per page.

I have the Type images for:

Core Rules
Golden Comeback
Seal of the Wheel
Seed of the New Flesh
Taoist Wizard from Thorns of the Lotus

I need Type images for:

Blood of the Valiant
Golden Candle Agent
Guiding Hand Archer
Reformed Pirate
Shaolin Disciple
Shaolin Master

Friends of the Dragon
Science Ninja

Glimpse of the Abyss
Demon Martial Artist

Gorilla Warfare
$10,000 Man
Dallas Rocket
Gorilla Fighter
Portal Jockey
Viking Warrior

Thorns of the Lotus
Bandit Lord
(I have Taoist Wizard)

So anyone that provides these will get credit in the pdf and my appreciation, otherwise the document will be released with blank spaces - no Shadowfist Cards or original artwork, etc; only the original FS Type images. I thank you in advance, anyone who takes the time to contribute to this project! -JP

PS Does anyone know or have a link to info on the Supersoldier's Wealth Level?

Supersoldier has no wealth level listed in SotnF - they should be poor, comparable with the ex special forces - buro hours are not that usable to use outside of 2056.

Regarding your requested scan: while i would love to support you I am not quite sure if this is legal without a written permissison by the licensing company.


Thank you very much for the info on the Supersoldier's Wealth Level, I was also unable to obtain that bit of information through official avenue - please PM me with the name you would like to be credited with in the final release of the PDF.

Thanks to this kind soul, this request is now, incredibly, FILLED. The 59 official types PDF can move FORWARD with ALL the types images! HUZZAH! :mrgreen:

Where can it be checked?

I will send you a copy and Atlas Games must approve it before it gets released publicly as it is essentially one of their "products" even though it is free - but they will host it on their website here when they finally decide it is okay for use.

hope it all goes well for you mate, I know you got a bit of a slap by over it. I'm looking forward to it if Atlas games gives it the go ahead.

Thanks Cowboy. That at rpgnet was just a miscommunication over my inept word choice and it was remedied, but unfortunately, my thread there had the taint of red Mod smackdown on it and nobody wanted to touch it after that. It's not a matter of "if" Atlas will approve it, it's just when I finally get everything settled and compiled up to their standards, and when they have the time to update their site to upload and host the final document - I'm on the very last edge - the images quit resolving, so I'm going to have to go in by hand and recopy and paste about 50 images and put in one more one sentence summary, which is going to be tedious, but since I have been making proof-build pdfs, everything is all in one place so it will just be a matter of opening my previous document, so it's not like I'm starting from scratch.