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If you don't mind, I would like to ask some opinions about casting requisites for the following spells. Basically, which ones would increase the level of the spell, or if you think there should be 2 or more spells to achieve those effects. Thanks :slight_smile:

ReCo(An,He,Te)35 Teleport 50 paces anything or anyone with all equipment (base15, +1 touch, +3 for the 3 requisites)
[i]The spell is basically thought as both a teleport spell for the magus and his companions as well as a potential attack spell (teleport someone into mid air). The spell would work regardless or the equipment the target is carrying. Now the questions:

  • Is the An requisite enough to teleport my pony pack animals? In other words, does the animal requisite make the spell able to teleport animals around as well as humans? Or would that require a second spell?
  • Is the Te requisite enough to affect the sword (metal) I am carrying?
  • Can I teleport other stuff than persons, like teleport a chair to the other side of the room?

I would say "no" to the third question but I am not sure about the previous 2.

ReCo(An)30 Teleport an animal or person (but not its equipment) up to 50 paces in any direction ( (Base15, +2 voice, +1 animal)
Same as above: does this allow me to teleport the wolf leaping at me? Does it rise the level of the spell or not?

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The attack version seems even meaner without requisites. Not only can you teleport somebody 50 tf into the air, but the person will be naked and unarmed when her orn she lands.

A perfect anti-Verditius attack spell. teleport someone just a few feet, and watch him find his casting requisites elsewhere.

But back to the topic:
I think adding a magnitude of +1 for clothes and +2 for clothes and riding animals s fair because the effect is not cosmetic.

IMO, this spell is basically designed to teleport a Corpus target with lesser animal and all things on him.
To use it as a more generic teleport spell, I'd say each requisite should warrant a +1 magnitude. But then, you could teleport anything with it.

Note also that you should consider the higher base for your spell, especially for the second one: Not only might the Animal base for teleport will maybe be higher than the corpus one, but a spell designed for a size+0 target might fail with a size+2 one

OK. Then the first spell can teleport anything: each requisite in the spell as written adds a magnitude to the base level of 15.

The second spell might require a a +1 size magnitude boost, true :slight_smile:




Leap of homecoming, ReCo teleports but without requisite.
Then, i would permit all teleports with clothes and so on without requisite, because they are covered by the "personnal" range.

For horses, ... requisites of course, but just a free requisite, because without the requisite the spell would teleport you, and this is the important thing, and your horse coming is useful but the "requisite" is good for that.

I'd have a problem with the size of the animal. If the size of the target would necessitate a magnitude modification, then it makes little sense to me that 'carrying' a ferret would be the same as a pack animal. I don't have rules with me, but I think once you get beyond Size +1 for a human, there needs to be a magnitude adjustment. (We had mythic blood character with Size +2 I think and it was frustrating to no end that all of the 'default' corpus spells couldn't touch him.)

size +1 is covered by individual.
For Size +2, you need +1 magnitude for size.

I have a magus with giant blood. Yes, the "good" spells are bad, but with a "easy" MuCo 5, you can go to size +0 for diam, basically (i havent my books, but i think its lvl 5 ) then uses your "good" spells, (teleport, cures...) then go back to normal size :slight_smile:.

But, yes, when you are "big", this is an advantage (because your enemies dont all think about the size, and cast "normal" spell, affecting individual :smiley:) and... not (if you are the caster ^^).

What I was thinking was "How big is the animal and how does that relate to the size restrictions of the target". Your average Horse is +2 I think. So a spell that couldn't affect a person that's size +2 should have trouble affecting a carried item (covered by a requisite) of that size as well.

Now a ReAn spell to teleport a horse with a Co requisite to cover the rider should work without any such problem. (Actually, this would be a pretty cool device, say in a bridle). Would the rider also resist? Would they resist together or separately. Does the answer have implications for regular ReCo teleport (carried items getting separate MR)?

I also permit teleports with clothes but not requireing requisites. Otherwise you have situations like magi stripping off all their robes in order to cast "Leap of Homecoming", which is kind of silly and not very mythic.

If the Base effect is not larger than the equivalent base effect for Corpus, it should be all good. (Use the largest magnitude of Base Effect for the spell base.)

A pony is size +1 - that's covered, same as the ReCo guidelines, all good. But a pony and a packload of stuff? that could be starting to get to be a lot. Judgement call.

(Also, while a person "and their possessions" is a clear concept*, it's not as clear with a pack animal and what they carry. Probably, but that's another question to be considered in the picture.)

Thumper is correct, +2 size would not be allowed - but when talking of affecting both horse and rider together, I think it would be hard to argue that this is one "individual" target, and Target:Group would be needed.*

(* And what is the diff between a horse & rider vs a packhorse & load? Good question. Next?)

There are two ways of reading the "free" requisite rules - 1) that if it broadens the effect, requisites cost, or 2) that if it's an identical effect of a different form, it does not cost. It's up to your Troupe/SG.

See HoH: S, Wizard's leap.

The Leap of Homecoming description is a leftover from 4th Edition. Some people, like marko, prefer it that way, mostly since it makes teleport spells easier. However, by the raw, it should use them. YMMV

If you want to be able to teleport "anything", why not invent the spell as a plain ReTe effect and leave the additional stuff as casting requisites?

The lack of Terram guidelines for teleport?

Foiled again! Curse you, The Fixer.

Hrm, compare the guidelines for levitating a person and levitating an object, then extrapolate from there? Teleportation should definitely be possible as a ReTe effect... if only to teleport a rock. Plus there's the Hermes Portal at the extreme ReTe range, so it's not like it's unconceivable.

Terram only works on inanimate objcts. I want to be able to teleport alive beings as well. This started as the good ol' Wizard's leap plus requisites and did grow from that to a more comprehensive "move everything around" spell



And thus, my evil plan begins to bear fruits :smiling_imp: :wink:

For worn equipment (including clothing, backpack, swords in scabbards, etc) and stuff you carry in you hands (*), you only need casting requisites for the teleport spells.

If you wish to use the same spell to teleport both people and animals, that is a requisite with a increase in magnitude.

Any inanimate object can be teleported with a ReTe spell (use casting req for non-Te forms).

Teleport spells for all forms follow the Co guidelines.

(*) within reason offcourse, if you've picked up a door or such, then that kinda falls outside this...