Rescuing mooks--Experimental mechanic I tried last night

I just ran a session where the heroes were tasked with rescuing workers from a mine, and to do it I used the mook fighting rules. It went great!

Last night I was running a session where I wanted to have two fights happening simultaneously in two different Junctures, but at the same location. The party was split between a new steel mill in the 1850s and the same location, a modern functioning steel mill in 2015.

The heroes in the past were helping an ancestor protect his iron mine and steel mill, which is a powerful feng shui site. The heroes in the present were investigating some possible sabotage at the modern version of the site.

In the past, I decided I wanted them to be rescuing trapped workers instead of fighting. So I told them there were 12 'mooks' who needed rescue, trapped in some collapsed tunnels under the mine. Mechanically, I ran it like a fight--to rescue a mook, they'd make an attack roll against one or more mooks. I'd treat it as a stunt, so if they succeed, they rescued the mook, if they failed, the mook is still trapped. When the mooks' shot came up, any successful 'attacks' against the heroes would be treated as some environmental damage--falling rocks, collapsing tunnel, etc.

In the present juncture the heroes were fighting some thugs in the same tunnels under the mine. It was a lot of fun and gave me a little variety but without any new mechanics!

Have you ever done anything like this in a Feng Shui game?

That is really, really clever.

Stealing this....... :slight_smile:

I like it!

I love the idea, but have to ask did you have any in built rule for risk to the rescuees? ie anything that could cause the party to fail to rescue everyone.

That's a great idea! I definitely would have had a Way Awful Failure result in the loss of one or more of the trapped workers, possibly even trapping the hero behind a cave-in.

In one case a hero rolled to save a trapper worker and he failed by 1 point or something small like that. I told him he had managed to pick up the beam but if he put some effort into it (via a Fortune Die) he'd be able to lift it off successfully, but if he just put it back down (didn't use a Fortune Die) he'd probably crush this worker's legs.

The combined rescue and combat only lasted a single Sequence--in a longer encounter I might have introduced some more special events like that.