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I am planning a campaign in which the players will be forced to do some research under stress. The idea came to me from a Cthulhu campaing. Anyway, are there (or do you have) any ideas/rules how to handle library research? Example: The Chars are in an extensively equipped library. They need to find the one book which contains something about the Beast A and something about the Demon B. First: Which Talent will be applicable? Second: How do you handle time? Third: How do you judge by chance which book will contain a good information and whether the Characters will find it - so to speak, an abstract "scan, read, find" - rule.

Thanks in advance!

I don't think it is quite what you need, but there are some applicable rules for research in Covenants, Chapter 7: Libraries. Basically, you make the Intelligence + Ability roll as if you were relying on your own knowledge, but get bonuses (+1 to +5) according to how good the collection is.

Art & Academe (Chapter on Philosophiae) adds to this by introducing encyclopedias, which are books primarily used for this sort of research.

There's no indication of time, but I'd allow one roll per day, and reduce the amount of time actually taken according to the number of points by which the EF is exceeded. If you exceed the EF by 3 it takes you only 3/4 of the day, if you exceed it by 6 it takes half a day, if you exceed it by 9 it takes 1/4 day, and if you exceed it by 12 or more it takes you just an hour. A failure on the first day reduces the EF for the second day, and so on until the information is located. Characters with Profession: Librarian would be quicker!

However, this presupposes that the answer you seek really is in the library to begin with!


Well, Durenmar is always worth a travel.
GotF states on page 56:

Maybe the characters can get help from Andrus ex Bonisagus if they can do some job for him...

Area lore helps here. Area lore covers the knowledge of areas as big as "Mythic Europe" to small as "my bed". The smaller the area, the more thoroughly you know it for a given level of ability.

So, you can have covenant library lore or covenant lore applying to this researcheasily. I would say that Library Lore has a +1 to +3 over covenant lore when it comes to research, but will not help you find stuff in the cellar :wink: OUr librarian has this ability, for example and he is quite a useful fella to the magi: it means that he can negotiate with them when they are in a hurry, which always makes for interesting roleplay scenes :stuck_out_tongue: Grumpy little bastard...