Restriction, Necessity, Special/Deleterious Circumstances

I wanted to hear about other people's good ideas for conditions that would fulfill Virtues and Flaws like Special Circumstances, Necessity, Prohibition, and Deleterious Circumstances, for various types of Hermetic mages:

I've thought of a few:

Special Circumstances:

skillful singing or reciting improvised poetry about spell (Int + Music, Diff. 9 + spell's magnitude) (Criamon, Jerbiton, Merinita, Ex Misc.)


Lying (Sun) (Guernicus, Merinita, Ex Misc.)

Breaking one's own word (Moon) (Flambeau, Guernicus, Tytalus, Merinita, Ex Misc.)

Fleeing Battle (Sun) (Flambeau, Tremere, Tytalus)

Razing magic (harvesting vis from a non-renewable source, except for self-defense) (Moon) (Criamon, Bjornaer, Merinita, Ex Misc.)

Deleterious Cicrumstances:

Refusing a challenge (Sun) (Flambeau, Tytalus) are casting a spell. So this doesn't make sense. Requiring that all your spells be songs, or poetry or whatever is ok but that is window dressing. Asking someone to make two rolls and one of them that brutal per sponted spell is absurd. Special circumstances is more about:

"your bare feet be touching soil", "You are wearing green dyed wool clothing made by a left handed weaver", "mars must be in conjunction with Saturn and in the house of the Virgin", etc.

Or more mundane: "You are standing in a storm", "You are on a moving Ship", "You are facing mecca", "It is the first wednesday of the month"