Return to Olympus Thebes 1203

In the Summer of 1203 Lucian and Apollon once again emerge from the waves on the path to Mount Olympus. They emerge in Eubeoa to find that the town where hey spent the night previously has been burnt to the ground by the invaders in passing, all that remains are piles of rocks, burn ruins, corpses, and ghosts.

During the boat ride from Aegaea, Apollon is elated at returning to Mount Olympus. He sings with joy from sailing fast under the full light of the sun. He flies above the ship when he finds a discrete moment to transform into a crow. But when they arrive in Eubeoa it’s as if his mood hits a wall and he becomes pensive and irritable. Unsure why this devastation upsets him. He didn’t like this place, terrible street performances and he was robbed then ignored by a ghost. But these people didn’t deserve this. It would be right for those who razed the city to be smote by the Gods. After wandering a little, lost in thought, he returns to the camp and Lucien Saying little, merely attending to whatever chore he is assigned.

"What ghosts are here, they will be recently dead, and may be easier to put to rest than others we have seen. Perhaps we should stop and talk with some."

Apollon realizes he did not think of the fact that there are likely plenty of ghosts and proceeds to attempt to shift his sight to the spirits so close to our layer of reality and begins to walk around the smoldering town.

[Per + Second Sight result: 8 does not include aura mods for his faerie-aligned second sight.]

He sees hundreds of ghost wandering around, crying, ranting, searching. The ghosts of children huddle together women and men search, walking the paths between walls which no longer stand, searching. Bands of soldiers stand on the ground where the docks used to be, facing the sea.

Apollon, always the font of wisdom and caution (sarcasm), approaches the nearest group of ghostly children. "Children, why do you cry? Perhaps I might help."

"I can't find my blanket and mommy isn't getting it for me!"

"Perhaps we can try to find your mother. Can you show me where you last saw her?" And before the ghostly boy can answer, “and what of the rest of you? Also hoping to find your parents?”

The answers of the rest are more incoherent crying. The one who is communicating points in one direction, from the way the rubble lies there may have been a door in the direction he points before the destruction of the city.

Apollon, affecting an uncharacteristically boisterous voice, attempting to emulate mothers he has seen trying to herd their children, "Come now children! This way, this way!" as he attempts to move them towards the door.

[OOC: unsure if you'd like me to make a roll. If Leadership it would be unskilled. If his Passion sympathy comes into play he has a -1 and an additional botch die, if they are magical beings then he's got a +3 for Alluring to Magical Beings.]

Either leadership or guile would work, though I think you default both. They are magical beings.

[OOC: I think Leadership is more his style than guile.

Die result of 10. If spending the confidence point to get +3 will make a difference, for instance getting them all moving as opposed to only some, I would spend it.]

The children follow you, still sobbing, through the non-existant door.

Did I go through that door to get them to go? does anything further happen than we all step through a doorway? Like are they on the other side after stepping through?

There isn't even a full doorway there, you stepped through it but nothing happened.

Apollon looks to Dawn, “I thought for sure this door would be their escape. Do you know how to free the ghosts?”

" They are ghosts. You free ghosts by removing their anchor, what holds them to the world. What desire is unfulfilled?"

"Well, perhaps we can find the mothers or fathers of some of these children," turning back to the children, "Come with me, best we stay together as we look for your parents. do any of you see them among the other folks about?" as Apollon leads them around to the other groupings and individual ghosts.

the children give no indication of seeing their parents as you lead them though the ruins and throngs of ghosts.
Meanwhile your mentors wanders amongst the ghosts, pausing to talk to this one or that one, occasionally one will vanish and leave something behind which he picks up.

To Dawn he says, "What if we brought them to Olympus with us. Surely Hades will know how to help them."