ReVi “Rebuttal” Guideline

From Errata of p129 of HoH:S:

ReVi Gen: Sustain or suppress a spell or spells of a specific type cast by another with level less than the level + 2 magnitudes of the Vim spell. Examples of specifics types include Hermetic Terram magic and Shamanic spirit control magic. This guideline may be used to target the spell itself or the caster of the spells.

Can an item be the caster here? The goal is to disallow the triggering of the device for a time. It’s a hermetic item, the person creating suppression effect is working with the creator of the other device. I was really hoping the “trigger an item” effect was a reversible guideline because that would be much lower but that is not the case.

I don't see why not


That’s definitely the answer I would lean towards and the one I wanted to hear but it seems to change thing because then you can preemptively put it on a room or structure and I feel like that is one of the limits of using Rego for this rather than Perdo.

Not sure about what is the problem you are seeing.

As it's ReVi, you can put it in an item. It's MuVi where an item can only use those effects on enchantments within the item.

I’m not either. It just feels wrong to use it in that manner.