Revisited hermetic Library from Mysteries 4E ... ica-5.html

Sorry by the language, but i can translate sort by sort.
In essence i've searched the concept that the Hemetic texts of ancient are the excuse for the ancient order or wizards that descends from Hermes. And i've taken the old library section from the AMTM4.
One commentary?

I support your effort to bring at least some flavor of real-world Hermeticism back to the game. Mysteries 4e was perhaps the most flavorful book that the line put out.

You may already have this link but if not you'll find it helpful.

It's some very old (from the 1990's probably) information by one of the authors of Mysteries 4e.

For those (like me) looking forward to the Cradle & Crescent and seeking further inspiration about Medieval Arab occultism, there's a great recent book out that shows how Hermetic works circulated there during the middle ages, at a time when they were essentially unknown in the Latin West. Wisdom from, the East, anyone? ... 694&sr=8-1

Thank you very much, I did not know this website. :smiley: