Revoke the Protection of Bonisagus

The spell Revoke the Protection of Bonisagus says:
"This spell disrupts the Parma Magica, a specific type of Hermetic magic. This spell must Penetrate the target’s Vim-based Magic Resistance, and it must have a total of (level + 10 + stress die) that is greater than the target’s Parma Magica x 5. The affected magus is still protected by the Magic Resistance provided by his Forms, but must repeat the Parma Magica ritual to restore his full Magic Resistance."

When it says that it needs to Penetrate the target's Vim based Magic resistance, does that include the targets Parma? Or since the Parma its self is the target of the spell does it just need to overcome the form bonus resistance and Familiar Magic Resistance of the Magi?

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Magic Resistence equals ((Parma Magica x 5) + Form Art Score +/- Aura Modifier). It simply means that the power trying to penetrate your MR is Vim-based and that you therefore add your Vim form to your Parma in order to calculate the full MR.


As I understand it

Step 1: Penetrate against the target's Vim Parma Magica. If this fails, do not go on to

Step 2: Test (lvl+10+stress die) and if the total is greater than Parma Magica Ability x 5, the Parma Magica is brought down and the magus is left with only Form resistance.