Rewriting a story in mid-story

Hey all,

We had just started a new saga when the Alpha SG decided he had too much on his plate and turned the duties over to me. We were halfway through his intro story when this happened, so I'm pondering my options as we go forward.

Commarque saga players, read at our own (or your character's own) peril!

Naturally, I have my own plans and interpretations of our site which I plan to implement. I'm just shopping for good ways to do that.

For example, we decided that the site (a walled castrum) would have a regio beneath it. The aura is strong (6), and all the magi save one are new to the site.

So one of the magi comes to the site through the other end of the regio, and encounters several "faeries" on the way in who are complaining about the "new building" they're working on above. [A chapel is being built, and we've convinced the local nobles that my Jerbiton magus is a preist there to 'consecrate' it...cough] A lot of other things happened, but those are the points I'm interested in "taking control of."

First off, since the site actually has prehistoric art under it, I want to run with the Fertility Magic section of Ancient Magic. I definitely pictured the regio being magical, not faerie. I also didn't see why the "faeries" would be put out by the "church." It's not being used yet, and hasn't been consecrated, so I don't see that it would have any Dominion aura or any way of affecting the "faeries"...yet. I suppose they might just know what's coming, but my preference would be to tone down the faerie bit and assume that the church is really a non-issue until it's consecrated.

Anyway, I could use some thoughts on interesting ways to steer this back my way. Are the "faeries" really faeries? Perhaps they are, and want access to a hidden fertility fetish (see Ancient Magic) and the church thing is a ruse to distract the magi while they steal it? Etc.


no reason you cant have multiple regios on the site. You may have not discovered the magical one yet.

Maybe they aren't Faeries...Maybe they are demons attempting to corrupt the Covenant...

Multiple Regios is cool too. Our game features a very Holy site (regio), with an Infernal regio 'under' it.
Our Covenant has what? Two regios (auras)...So Agnar's suggestion is a good one...why make a choice when you can have your cake and eat it too...

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