Reylar Valerian is Dead! Long Live Bird Girl! MMF:Birds Q's.

So, Reylar's player in After the Fall is making a new magus now that Reylar has gone on to his final Feyte (get it?).

Anyhow... Bjornaer. Falcon heartbeast. Major Magical Focus: Birds.

So, would that MMF allow him to apply it to spells cast on himself in heartbeast form? Spells that do birdy things (an "Eyes of the Owl" spell, for example, like Eyes of the Cat?)?

I've never had an MMF in a game, so can anyone with experience tell me what they've allowed with such things?


If the character is casting a mu an spell on his own biird from I'd certainly allow his MMF to apply.

I'd allow it whenever the target of his spell is a bird, and whenever the target of the spell is being changed into a bird.

So, not if he was giving a grog bird-wings, for example?



But thanks for asking.

Good combo!
It is a major virtue I would allow any An spell on him while in heartbeast form because his target is a bird.
Not only MuAn. MuAn could be the limit if this would be a minor focus.

Ditto. And I agree with Erik on the other issues. Also, remember that conjuring flocks of birds to attack (for example) would also use the focus, as would a spell to roast a chicken. Quite useful focus, really.



One of the magi that I wrote up for the open call that I don't intend on submitting was a tremere with major magical potency with birds. I could wright a short summary of the spells that I had cooked up if you'd like.

He can spell cast anything he wants on himself in bird form as long as he can still-cast it and quiet-cast it or he has unbound tongue, which is a Bjornear virtue I highly reccomend.

I'd apply the bird focus to transform someone into a bird, so transforming someone partially (the wings in this case) seems ok with me.

I think that focuses are one of the more colorful vertues out there. I got a mage with snakes as a focus and it's a really thematic aspect of the character. Focuses are real fun !

Hope that's help !

I agree.

Not that this is a questionable use of the focus , but in matters that are questionable the rules indicate that the scope of major focusses should be interpreted generously.

(one more post to ascension)

As a storyguide, the only times I don't allow a focus to kick in is when it is used as an excuse or just a esthetic effect, when a valid explanation is provided I generally agree. Exemple, if your mage with bird focus throw fire birds like a BoAF at someone (Bird of Abysmal Flames ?) it is just esthetic so I would not agree.

Else, a spell that gives a character more soak transforming his skin into lizardly/serpentine scales it would fit in a reptile focus. It have secondary effects too... :wink:

I like focuses.

I could have this totally wrong, but, doesn't a major focus refer to form and a minor focus refer to technique? That would make "birds" a minor focus (anim not creo, etc...). This would be a good thing for me to get straight since I use a minor focus with birds alot.


That was it, the only 1000th post I get, and I used it for a one word answer. That's more than a bit anti climatic. :frowning:

:laughing: Well congratulations on your ascendency anyways!

If you should happen to do that here or in another thread, please let me know. I would like to see it.

Man, I should really bring my books to work (not), but...
Serf's Parma, Minor focuses are supposed to be narrower than a certain Tech/Form combo, while major's are larger.
I have a jarbiton with a minor focus in manipulating emotions, which is smaller than ReMe or MuMe.
I also have a verditus with a major focus in disguises. That is pretty broad really.
Admittedly, the descriptions of what defines a focus can be the cause of arguements. We have in our saga a magus with a major focus in Range: Arcane Connection. He is just extra good at AC range effects. We discussed it and figured it was a good fit.

I'd love to see the spells!

In a side note, I met with Reylar's player - now the player of Melisande the Bird Girl - and we made the character completely - well, 2 years left, intruth. Created a mage 12 or so years past 'Gauntlet'.

Two affinities: Creo and Muto, at 34 years of age pumped up to 14 or so.
MMF: Birds.

High Animal and Auram.

Main schtick seems to be running around in merlin-form a lot, and shooting lightning at people. Created a platinum torc talisman which has an effect to allow it to grow/shrink as he changes forms, an effect to make it look like rusty iron, an effect to cause a storm which is maintained by the torc, and a wind barrier to protect Melisande. So far, pretty keen.

Very much a specialist mage, but the heartbeast gives another dimension.
I really hope in the last 2 years he has of advancement that he makes the MMF: Birds a more integral part of his maga.

So, yes... please post those spells!