Rhine gorge

new player wanted for rhine gorge game,

which was interrupted due to a baby break I had to take.

two of its three players have returned the third one hasn't.

People who join are expected to play Arturous ex Tytalus

  • ideally forever (automatic preference)
  • or at least until you've created a character (at gauntlet; crazy virtues from RoP:M, or complicated supernatural virtues like those in RoP:D, RoP:I, and Hedge Magic are not welcome, magi should be from the rhine and clearly associated with one covenant there)

I'm going to wait for people interested for a week or so, and I'll ask my players if we accept more than one (but in the past, they preferred a small group)

So far: A covenant site has been found, now a covenant must be founded and tribunal must accept it.

Here is my summary of what has happened so far...

Some young magi (Honorus ex Tremere and his magic owl friend Theron, Rabanus ex Criamon, Arturous ex Tytalus, Hildegard ex Mercere) successfully help Horst the Redcap from Fengheld ho had an accident in the black forest and escorts him there. The group is invited by Murion of Durenmar to explore sites for the foundation of a covenant. They travel to Trier and investigate a cellar containing a cramped ex-covenant and the ruins, and find stuff there (they also encounter a new magus, Carolinus ex Jerbiton, there who joins the party). They (except Arturous) then travel to the Westerwald to investigate another site. When they find trhe site after meeting some fairie (?), a distrustful old man who seems to know them welcomes them to the covenant of Waldstein. The situation escalates when Rabanus ex Criamon tries to cast a ceremonial spell which the villagers mistinterpret as a magical attack to kill them all. In the ensuing struggle, most villagers die, Rabanus is severely wounded by two arrows, the two huts are destroyed, and the old man uses a staff to turn into an oak tree. There is one surviving villager (and one who mysteriously escaped into the forest) who says that he is part of a small community that has always lived there. Honorus uproots the tree they leave and after reuniting with Arturous sail down the Rhine towards Kaub, the third potential site.
On the way, they encounter the Loreley, a singing fairie whom they attack (kill?) before continuing their travels. They become involved in the Kaub family's quarrels, but have a look at the island as well. They are offered the books and other items that the magi of the ruined covenant left behind there.

They return and report to Murion who promises her support (and that of Honorus' pater Stentorius of Fengheld, as well!) in exchange for their votes at tribunals concerning some issues until 1230.

She gives you

  • 50p of silver (10 cash, 40 writs, accepted by theJews in all major cities)
  • an Aegis casting tablet lvl20
  • you get a total of 4 seasons to copy from the Great Library (no calf-and-cow limitation)
  • strong support in securing the okay of the other covenants.

Just before our long break you seemed to have come to the conclusion to choose the Waldstein site.

I think this is a good point to restart.

I assume it's the beginning of the fall season 1220.
Tribunal is after spring 1221.

Last call - before I close down a small but well-managed game that has suffered from attrition and from the incompatibility of parenthood and gaming.

Any magus who wants to build a rhine covenant?

I could port my now-default Verditus character in as a magi fresh out of gauntlet. Minus the 5 years of advancement, and swap in Elder Gild training (since she's always been fae-loving and hungry for Merinita Secrets) and otherwise move bits and pieces around. Give her a new name, if you require. That way, she'd be ready to play pretty quickly.

What does he look like at the moment?

I'm talking about the Viscaria, the character written for the original Phoenix game.

Changes I'd make:

  • Swap out Crystal Dart for Invisible Sling of Vilano
  • Change "The Baroque Peasant Hut" to a ReTe spell that basically does the same thing only by moving the ground into hard packed earth.
  • Possibly swap Watching Ward with something else
  • Swap Confraternity of Samos for Elder Gild Trained (OoHLore 2, Durenmar Lore 2, 60xp to Faerie Lore, Ettiquette, ReVi and InVi fae spells, since he doesn't know Faerie Magic).
  • Swap Samos Lore with something else, probably CoH or more Finesse

It occurs to me that a fairly easy way to integrate into the Curse of Rhine Gorge game would be for her to take more levels of Prof:Scribe, or to offer to spend a year learning Prof:Scribe and then do the scribing at Durenmar for them in exchange for full membership and some time from them (perhaps setting up a lab for her? Like, if they spend 4 seasons building a lab with a Greater Focus/Feature on enchanting, she'll spend 4 seasons studying Prof:Scribe and 4 seasons copying). That would be 8 seasons off-screen, though.

I also see that one of the remaining players is a Tremere Architect with Pythagorean ties. Normally, I'd shy away from duplicating such efforts, except in this case:
a) we could start playing with minimal char gen time, which seems important
b) our personalities are vastly different, and it'd be interesting to see the differences between Tremere and Verditus versions
c) Having two terram mages build a covenant from the ground up could actually be a lot of fun.

Oh, wait...Elder Gild Trained is a Virtue. I guess I'd lose Philosophic Alchemy for it and hope to pick that back up later. For the new flaw, I'd take....Gild Enmity, Hawthorn or Apple? Or Infamous Master again.

Just make the changes you want in the game chargen thread, or if you dislike the similarity start sth new. It might also be fair to ask our Tremere if he minds so similar a concept.

Might you still be looking for players?

I'm asking my players. You'll have an answer by Sunday.

The majority voted you in. We've got 2 terram experts, a singing Jerbiton, and a good teacher longevity Bonisagus so far.

First step of character generation is a concept. Post it in the chargen thread of the Rhine Gorge saga. If you can't write, join the user group play by post players first: you can check by using the user control panel (top left corner).