Rhine Tribunal -- Favorite Mythic Forest Setting?

Other than the Black Forest, what is your favorite mythic forest setting in the Rhine Tribunal? What has the most potential for stories, because of it's interesting history, local legends, curious terrain, political machinations in 1220-1240, etc.

I've never really delved into Medieval Germany, and only have the Rhine Tribunal book as a starting point. I've figured out a nice story arc for a new solo saga that I'll be running, but now want to shoehorn it into a "real" forest setting. I'm pretty much open to any locale.

I invite your suggestions of locations to look into.


Some areas you might want to check:

A mountain in east Germany known for its "which activity"

A huge meteor impact crater, maybe a good location for a regio?

Lake of Constance, not so remote but a good place for stories about trading

A mountain in the Czech Republic at the border to Poland, known for giants

A mountain. It is said, that Frederik I is sleeping there. The myth is probably not from the middle ages ...

Just what I can recall now, maybe a can come up with some more ...



I forgott about:

A famous figure from there: (sorry in German only)

A region in the east of Germany/in Poland known for people crafting magic. It is said that these people sold their soul for their magic ability. A dark forest area in these days ... If you are interested in dark, remote stories ... here you are!

If you want to read a good "children" book located here: (in my opinion not only for children!)


Funny...Brocken or Blocksberg is well known in Danish mythology. Although probably the more mordern mythology than ArM.

At midsummer at St. Hans Eve on 23rd of june we light huge bonfires (ideally with trimmings from hedges and gardens) and burn an effegy of a witch. She is said to fly off on her broom to Blocksberg Usuallu the witch is fitted with fireworks called "witch's screams" which make a howling sound.
Odd how we include in our culture a mountain very far from out country...

If you need a political story hook check:

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trifels_Castle located in the Palatinate Forest. A large forest north to the Black Forest (but not so big). In this castle the Imperial Regalia of the Roman Empire are stored under the protection of Konrad von Scharfenberg http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Konrad_III_of_Scharfenberg.

Around the year 1193 Richard I of England was imprisoned in this castle.