Rhine Tribunal Spreadsheet

I'm working on running a Rhine-based saga, and drew up a spreadsheet to see what Guardians of the Forest looks like, in terms of Hermetic politics. I just thought someone might care to look at something like that - it has all the magi listed and so on. So, here is a link.

The thing isn't totally accurate, especially the last two pages where I assigned factions arbitrarily. Still, perhaps someone will find it interesting. :slight_smile:

My saga won't start at that time anyways, but I wanted to see how things are in the official setting anyways.

I'm trying to do the same type of chart with my own Iberian Saga, since the players are starting to get involved in one of the main political threads of the tribunal.

i feel your pain, in putting this together.

Looks great though! Thanks for posting it!


Thank you very much! :smiley:

Wow, thanks!

My Saga, using the rhine Gorge is in it's fourth in-game year, so this will be very useful. :smiley:

After seeing your spreadsheat design of the tribunal is laughable because the elders are missing!!! All the magi are very young.
There are only 2 magi who are 160 years old. But the third is only 139.

Who are the lab and library rats who cast never in stress, never botch and get only 1 warping point/ year?
Such magi can live even 200 years easily.

First of all, you should not be rude about someone's work which helps you in your game sessions.
Second, YR7 did wahat he told us: To summarize all the magi mentioned in the Rhine source book! There is no single magus missing!
Third, what kind of lab rats do you mean? Those Bonisagi that try to break the hermetic limits with original research? Well, that gives you tons of warping points... However, there might be a maga who is 200 years old, so include it into your saga and design her from scratch! I think most of us would be interested to see her stats and hear about her history. Maybe we could use her in our saga as well...

That was very rude indeed, and I agree with the three first repliers:

Thanks a lot YR7, this looks awesome even though I will have a lot of work to change it back a century :slight_smile:

What do you speak about??? I have wrote the design is terrible not YR7's summary!

You too? My putative saga starts in 1140 or so. I'm preparing it for some time... I'm afraid it's gonna compete in being a virtual-tabletop saga, as well. Our sagas look similar....

Oh. :slight_smile:

Well, about a third of the tribunal is missing in action :slight_smile: I presume these include a lot of ancient eremite magi.

YR7 I see you like the very detailed bacground. As I do. I'm working on a random event table. :smiley:

The authors somehow thought 100 years as a maximum for magi because there are only a few above this. And took the 2warping points / year after apprenticeship rule without considering. They note at the 160 years old magi they are the oldest.
If you want to gming in the tribunal I suggest:
-you should pick some longevity specialists with reputation
-multiple the age of ALL characters by 1,2 (you can easily do it in excel).
-Jerbitons are very young compared to others but in theory they should gather the least wps.

1156 here, but I don't know what is the main theme in yours yet. Do you need any players? :slight_smile:

Thank you, very useful and timely as I have to run the 1222 tribunal soon(OK, it's late - due to events [I forgot ]).

I do not intend to use the formal gilds of GotF but the underlying factions are very helpful.

:slight_smile: Never cared for those. I like background and setting a lot, but random encounter/events table less so....

I can't say I much blame them for the latter part. They can't very well ignore the 2 wp/year rule in an official supplement, and going much beyond 160 years means divorcing many magi from the setting as it has changed so much in their lifetimes, plus wrecks havoc in terms of Hermetic generations.

My next saga is gonna begin at 1140 - this means that a 200 years old magus has begun his apprenticship circa 965, when the Order was only about 200 years old, just after the Tytalus Corruption. He participated in the Schism War, as a young magus, and probably refers to the Novgorod Tribunal as the "Slavonic Tribunal" and remembers it forming. That's a piece of living history right there. :confused: Cutting him down to a "mere" 150 years old will at least leave him post all this history. Of course, the core setting - starting as it does in 1220 - means the core events happened further in the past.

I think having the elder magi be around age 150 works well, with a few significantly older (possibly immortal). I agree that the average age of magi should probably be increased to bolster the population of elder magi, and that some of those strange ancient magi should be around.

Good points, all.

It's gonna focus on the fate of the Wend pagans, and the Christianization of their lands (or not, as the case may be). I'll be needing players, but it's gonna take me another month or so before I'll start, methinks :slight_smile:

You're most welcome. :slight_smile:

I found coming up with the factions really helped me get a far better, and more interesting, view of the tribunal. The gilds are an excellent idea, but I like my own factions better :slight_smile: :wink: