Well, my troupe just recently got into Calebais, past the initial riddle of the order of guides, and the final riddle of the guide's riddles, so to speak.

It turns out my group likes riddles and puzzles!

SO, that said, due to one member leaving soon, I need to have the group find a lost artifact in Calebais, with designs to later return and explore the area more fully.

I thought that, since they enjoyed the riddles thus far, having another one be the final barrier between themselves and their target might be good.

I ask you all, therefore, for any sort of riddlery or puzzlement that might be appropriate, or ones of your own devising that you might be willing to share.

Many thanks!


What kind of riddle would you like? Would you like to have some mechanical mechanism that they have to figure out, or do yiu want the talking statue to ask them a question?

Hm, I could go with either, really. I guess I should dust off some old school D&D modules...


Someone once described this to me. It's the single most insidious idea for a trap I've ever heard of.

There's a lit candle on an ebony pedastal. The entire thing is encased in glass. On the outside of the glass are four levers. Pulling on any of hte four levers delivers electrical damage, enough to cause a light wound.


pauses more

That's it. There's no solution or treasure. It's just damag.e Your party will literally kill themselves trying to figure out the pattern.

As for riddles:

"I turn around once. What is out will not get in.
I turn around again. What is in will not get out."

"A man is looking at a portrait. He says of the man in the portrait, 'Brothers and sisters have I none, but this man's father is my father's son.' Who is the man in the portrait?"

"I am more powerful than God.
I am more evil than the devil.
Rich people want me.
Poor people have me.
If you eat me, you die."

"What has trees without leaves,
Rivers without water,
Castles with no stones?"

"What goes up and down yet never moves?"

Answer below, spoilers.

  1. Key

  2. His son. (It isn't himself, which is most people's first answer).

  3. Nothing

  4. A map

  5. A staircase
    Note: Don't use #5 for D&D. The answer I gave was "My hit points." When my DM stopped laughing, he was forced to give me credit for the answer.

I used the key riddle. They enjoyed it greatly! A good end to one character's storyline.