Ritual Spell

For those watching US politics:

(From today's "Hollywood Reporter")
"When Barack Obama takes the stage Thursday night at cavernous Invesco Field, an expected 76,000 of the Democratic faithful will see their candidate with a backdrop suggesting Pennsylvania Avenue architecture.
Or a Roman temple.
The midfield staging will feature 10 white, doric-style columns in front of which Obama...will stand. "

Hmmm. Ritual casting of "Aura of Rightful Authority", anyone?

(Please please PLEASE don't let this turn into a flame war. Just wanted to make a little joke. Let's not get into real-world politics here.... )

The columns, I feel, are but crude disguises for pagan dolmens. If it were true Hermetic magic, these kind of accessories would not be necessary. I suspect Diedne influence.

And the mystery is solved! Now we know where they all went.

The United States was founded by House Flambeau. It is right there in our revolutionary flag, :Join, or Die!"

That'd normally seem a waste of 4 pawns of vis. I suspect someone has made a breakthrough to allow permanent effects, my friends. Clearly the crowds and adulation are some sort of mystery requirement.

umm which flag would that be precisely? I find no reference to any US flag (proposed or otherwise) which ever bore the "Join or Die" motto.

It was never on an official flag, but it was definitely very popular for a period. See the wikipedia entry for a short summary.


Yep :slight_smile:

That's a great find. :slight_smile: