River City into adventure - kitties and talking to people?

In a few places in the intro adventure in River City, the adventure text assumes that the kitties will ask questions of people or try to persuade them to do things (including Cute check difficulties to persuade them). But...one of the "rules" is that while kitties can understand humans, humans can't understand kitties. I guess the witch is an exception since she's magical, but there are normal humans that they are supposed to "talk" to as well. Is the idea that humans CAN understand them while they are in the portal book worlds? Or am I just missing something here?

There's a sidebar that talks about letting magical kitties use their powers inside the books because "it's all a dream." I'm guessing that might apply to kitties talking too?

Well, nice to see some response on here. :smiley:

Some cat-owners have said their cats can communicate just fine without saying a word...guess maybe I just don't know cats well enough? I did realize that in one place they get interrupted before they can 'persuade' the person to leave...but it still seems like a very odd choice of word. I guess between 'cat persuasion' and the dream/book its covered.