Roleplaying friends: The Garden

In the city of mirrors
There is a quiet way
Within that way of exploring
There is a garden growing
Dreams among its buds

In sunshine or storm
Two hands reach out
For each other, understanding
Holding strong as anchors
Worlds they share expand

Contentment forms naturally
Rising on adventure
Certain of love’s reinforcement
Channel energy to achieve
Find, save and savour life.

This is an original composition, of the sort I can come up with any day. I cherish originality in other people. I'm looking for other roleplayers - anywhere in the world really - to share a fuller life. One especially. I'm an imaginative amateur writer, well travelled and fairly well educated professional.

In real life, I'm small, slender, brunette & pretty. My interests include almost everything not awful; I don't like sad endings. I'm broad-minded, sweet and a real person. How old am I? Well, the average of my age & how old I'm told I look is 29. If you are creative, male, slender, curious, optimistic, available and willing to share your mind, let me know - please ! Otherwise, if creative & curious & optimistic, your friendship would be valued.

I do travel, though not as easily as I'd like - teach me a spell?


If you were real , you would give your actual age.
You could be 16 and look 42 , that averages 29.
Your post reads like a spambot ad for some kind of dating site , or worse.


I took this in my parents garden Portugal. It was very fat and pretty. Dont know what kind of spider it is probably someone here knows.