Roll them bones

Alright Groovers?

Do you lot use dice rolling programs for your mooks? Roll a load of dice before hand? Make one roll and apply it to 24 BuroMil Goons?

I've been putting something together in jscript, but do stop me if there's an obvious way of doing things that you lot have found...



[color=darkblue]I'm partial to a technique I found on a homebrew website: I "pool" my mooks into tight groups, like 5 mooks per group, and roll one attack for the group. I add +1 AV for every mook above the first, if they're attacking the same target.

This way, groups of mooks attacking one character actually have a chance of causing some harm (most Mook Groups attacking in this manner get +4 AV to hit!), but I only have to roll once.

Saves buttloads of time if there are, say, 20 unnamed goons attacking your PCs in a warehouse or something.

If I get down to only a few mooks fighting, I tend to just roll one positive die for each mook; since most unnamed can't hit an experienced PC unless they roll at least one positive 6, I don't need to bother rolling a negative die for each one unless that single positive die comes up a "6". (In other words, unless I roll an exploding 6 positive die, I never bother rolling a negative die for mook attacks.) It just makes for fewer dice hitting the table each Sequence.